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Discover the Galapagos via an intimate and lush 12 acre private retreat where endemic Giant Tortoises roam freely and walking paths abound.  This once in a lifetime trip Galapagos Yoga Retreat is land based to allow for a daily yoga practice and maximum exploration.

Trips to the must-do Galapagos sites such a Bartolomé and South Plazas are included as well as kayaking on secluded bays and an on-site certified Galapagos Naturalist.

Swim with sea lions and sharks, spot Galapagos penguins and flamingos, marine iguanas and Blue Footed Boobies; this one of a kind UNESCO World Heritage Site offers the perfect melding of yoga and an unblemished example of a wild and natural world.

Accommodation Options:

Galapagos Yoga Retreat Rooms The Travel Yogi

Each guest room at Semilla Verde has its own unique touches.  Some rooms look out over the forest canopy (recording the birdsong for your life back in the urban jungle is highly recommended) and some face the Tortoise Pond and grassy areas where these gentle giants lumber along.

All rooms have private bathrooms, air conditioning, views, comfort, love and amenities.

Triples can also be accommodated for yoga retreats in some rooms.  Please contact The Travel Yogi for special rates.

Galapagos Yoga Retreats The Travel Yogi Semilla Verde

This amazing Galapagos experience multiple nature excursions as well the expertise of a certified Galapagos Naturalist Guide. Below is a sample itinerary. Each trip will include a trip to Bartolomé Island with the other two island days being a mix of North Seymour, South Plazas or Santa Fe.

Please note that weather does play a part in some of the excursions; yogi flexibility is always appreciated.

Day 1 -
Arrival and welcome lunch and drink at Semilla Verde
Excursion to the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora
Sunset Yoga
Dinner at Semilla Verde


Day 2 –
Coffee and snacks
Morning trip to Garrapatero Beach – beach yoga/meditation
Breakfast on the beach – snorkeling, swimming, exploring
Lunch at Semilla Verde
Afternoon Yoga
Early evening in Puerto Ayora
Group dinner in Puerto Ayora**


Day 3 -
Sunrise Yoga
Breakfast at Semilla Verde
Day trip to North Seymour Island
  • North Seymour is a popular nesting ground – you can expectLunch on board and post lunch siesta
    • Great frigate birds
    • Blue footed boobies
    • Land iguana
    • Sea lions
    • Guided snorkeling
    • Naturalist guided hiking
  • Sunset Yoga
Dinner at Semilla Verde


Day 4 -
Morning Yoga
Breakfast at Semilla Verde
Morning excursion to Tortuga Bay -
  • Mangrove kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Marine iguana watching (they’re everywhere!)
Lunch in Puerto Ayora
Afternoon to explore Puerto Ayora**
  • Souvenir shopping
  • Visit Chi Spa
  • Return to Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Have a drink on the Red Mangrove patio (iguanas and sea lions are almost always chilling out on the deck with you)
  • Head to the Fisherman’s Market and watch the sea lions and pelicans appear when the dingy comes in with fish (trust me, this is fun)
Evening Yoga
Dinner at Semilla Verde


Day 5 -
Sunrise Yoga
Breakfast at Semilla Verde
Day trip to South Plazas Island
  • Visit one of the largest sea lion colonies in Galapagos
  • Land iguana
  • Sea lions
  • Red-billed tropic birds
  • Swallowed-tailed gulls
  • Guided snorkeling
  • Naturalist guided hiking
Sunset Yoga
Dinner at Semilla Verde


Day 6 -
Sunrise Yoga
Breakfast at Semilla Verde
Santa Cruz Highland Tour
  • Explore Los Gemelos (‘the twins’)Climb through the lava tunnels
    • these two giant craters were formed when the magma chamber underground emptied and the land caved in
  • Visit a Giant Galapagos Tortoise farm
  • Explore the Cloud Forest
    • expect to see small birds like Darwin finches and Vermillion flycatchers
Lunch at Semilla Verde
Free afternoon for exploring Semilla Verde’s acres and wildlife, reading, sleeping or take a cab into town
Sunset Yoga
Dinner at Semilla Verde


Day 7 -


Early (5:45am) departure for Bartolomé Island
  • Coffee and snacks served before departure
  • Breakfast served on the boat
  • Bartolomé is a crown jewel of Galapagos islands – Lunch on board – beds available for post-lunch siesta
    • Pinnacle Rock
    • beautiful crescent beaches
    • Galapagos penguins!
    • White tipped reef sharks
    • Sea turtles
    • Naturalist guided hiking
    • Guided snorkeling
Early evening return to Semilla Verde
Evening Yoga
Dinner at Semilla Verde


Day 8 –
Pack, hugs, goodbyes and back to the Baltra airport
**Please note for the free days in town and the meals out there will be one scheduled pick up. If you choose to stay in town beyond the transfer time you will need to cab back at a
cost of approximately $5-$8US

Spa treatments are also available via Chi Spa Galapagos.

All trips are listed in chronological order.  Please click the yoga retreat week you’d like to join or choose the teacher and week from the drop down menu below each destination.  Looking forward to seeing you on retreat!


JENNIFER PRUGH & REBECCA BARA Oct 4-11 & Oct 11-18, 2014

Breathe Yoga Vibe Yoga The Travel Yogi


Join Rebecca Bara and Jennifer Prugh for an amazing week of physical and spiritual adventure and rejuvenation, surrounded by untouched nature on the Galapagos Islands.

Take a week  to let go of the world you know, experience an entirely distinct eco-system, go deep in your yoga practice, discover new things about yourself and the beauty around you.  Enjoy delicious healthy food and the company of like minded people and leave with new friendships.  We look forward to guiding you on this amazing journey on the breathtaking Galapagos Islands.





MICHELINE BERRY Oct 25-1, 2014

Micheline Berry The Travel YogiImmerse yourself in the wild poetry of the Galapagos Islands. This once in a
lifetime journey integrates daily yoga Liquid Asana Vinyasa yoga practice
with authentic eco-adventures excursions to Bartolomé & South Plazas as well as snorkeling and kayaking at secluded crystalline coves and bays all expertly guided by on-site certified Galapagos Naturalists.

Accompanied by expert guides, we will wallk, swim, yoga and snorkel amidst
sea turtles, sea lions, stingrays and sharks, penguins, flamingos, marine
iguanas and the Blue Footed Boobies famous to Galapagos, a UNESCO World
Heritage Site. What is wild here mirrors what is still wild within us.


ROCKY HERON Nov 1-8, 2014


Rocky Heron The Travel Yogi Galapagos Yoga RetreatAn opportunity for yoga is always a gift I value and am grateful for. Daily practice provides a ‘retreat’ of sorts; a space where we can explore, learn, and participate in our own continual, blissful expansion. An immersive week spent retreating in paradise, however, provides the potential for radical alignment and transformation that can re-invigorate our practice and powerfully reveal the bliss that resides in the core of human experience. I have had the pleasure of leading more than10 yoga & meditation retreats, and am always amazed by the joy and clarity these experiences facilitate. Our Galapagos adventure will include yoga sessions of asana and pranayama to awaken and charge your body and mind as well as restorative practices to soothe and cleanse your nervous system. We will also spend our time together re-defining our goals and values through a simple and fun process designed to bring you up to speed with the frequencies of your heart’s desires.

Through the potency practice, the wonder of our exploration, and the satisfaction of good company, this retreat will provide you the ideal opportunity to tap into the gravity of your gratitude. I am honored to share in this spectacular journey with you. See you in paradise!


AME WREN Feb 14-21, 2015

Ame Wren Yoga Retreat GalapagosAme Wren began her yoga practice in 2001. Her teaching is a reflection of her deep love of precision and movement, and heavily influenced by all of her gifted mentors.

She is known for her lighthearted but very specific approach to asana and sequencing and her desire to make every student in the room feel known and attended to. Throughout the years she have been a dedicated student of Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga, most notably influenced by Patricia Walden, Schuyler Grant and Natasha Rizopolous.

With a solid aim to educate, confront and guide while honoring the power of yoga as a complete mind-body practice, Ame works to present intelligent flow that combines the sweat of astanga, the wisdom of iyengar and the freedom of vinyasa. Ame has been a featured teacher in Yoga Journal, at Wanderlust Festival and was awarded the honor of”Best of Boston in 2010. She travels extensively leading retreats, trainings and workshops all over the world and is the founder of Boston Yoga School.



RYAN LEIER March 7-14, 2015

Ryan Leier One Yoga Retreats The Travel YogiPassionate and inspirational, Ryan Leier brings a creative energy to every class he teaches; whether in his One Yoga studios or as an ambassador of yoga to communities around the world. Equally devoted to continuing his studies as to teaching, his distinct expression of ancient traditions touches his students’ hearts.

Registered as an E-RYT 500, RCYT, the highest designation with the Yoga Alliance, Ryan is primarily a student of the Krishamacharya yoga
lineage having received teachings directly from the Master, Sri BKS Iyengar and the Ashtanga Guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Drawing profound inspiration from his daughter, Kiyah, Ryan created Vinyasa Yoga for Youth, an innovative non-profit organisation designed to empower youth ages 5 – 22 through the practice of yoga.

Ryan is a firm believer that, through steady practice and devotion, all people – regardless of age, gender, race or religion – can experience the Oneness of Yoga.




Jenniferlyn Chiemingo Yoga Retreat GalapagosIn her second retreat to Semilla Verde in the Galapagos Islands – JL can promise you a trip of a lifetime. Jenniferlyn talks about the last time she went by saying, “You just cannot oversell this place, it is everything you can imagine and more.”

Incredible meals made with love, strong power vinyasa in the mornings and restorative, relaxing yoga in the evenings make this a retreat of dreams. JL merges popular music, creative flows, lots of love and genuine connection on her retreats. You will find more Joy, Love and Yoga in your life with every breath of this trip, while you cultivate a deep connection with nature and like-minded people.

From Mexico to Costa Rica and now a second retreat in the Galapagos – once you come along with JL, you will want to come every time she journeys somewhere new.

JL has been featured at Wanderlust California, as a lululemon and YogaEarth Ambassador, on MindBodyGreen, and Grow Soul Beautiful.

This is not just a yoga retreat (though there is plenty of yoga). This is a yoga adventure that will change your life. Great Yoga, New Friends, Amazing Food, Ocean Experiences and so much more.



LEIGHA NICOLE April 11-18, 2015

Leigha Nicole Yoga The Travel YogiJoin Leigha Nicole on an incredible journey to the exotic Galapagos Islands for Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga coupled with snorkeling and kayaking adventures to Bartolome and  surrounding islands.  The untouched splendor of this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to commune with penguins, sea lions and sharks in pristine secluded coves under the guidance and expertise of certified Naturalists.

The week of yoga will begin with a guided introductory Ashtanga class for beginners followed by 5 mornings of Mysore-style classes that allow each student to customize their practice and work at their own breath pace.  An introduction to the classical Ashtanga pranayama will be offered at sunset on the all-day excursion evenings.

Leigha has been teaching yoga since 1984 and taught at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, California since it’s inception in 1987.  She traveled extensively to Mysore, India to study with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and was authorized to teach by him in 1996.  She has a gentle approach and is passionate about bringing precise alignment to the graceful movements of traditional Ashtanga Yoga that make it a “moving meditation”.  She encourages students to embrace the contemplative  aspect of the practice with attention to detail and the cultivation of awareness.  Her teaching is infused with an intimate knowledge of anatomy that stems from a bodywork practice of nearly three decades, which enables her to address the specific needs of her students.

What airport do I fly into?
You will be traveling Baltra (GPS) in the Galapagos.  Many flight schedules require an overnight in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  Please feel free to contact us for recommendations on hotels in Guayaquil.

Do I need a passport/visa?
US citizens will need a valid passport to visit Ecuador, but no visa is required at this time. Passports will need to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.  Ecuador reserves the right to refuse entry if passports expire before the 6 month mark.

Nationals of all other countries should check travel requirements well in advance of their retreat.

What wildlife should I expect to see?
Animal sightings are never guaranteed, but then again, this is Galapagos.  Expect to share dining space in town with marine iguanas and sea lions.  Frigate birds, penguins, blue-footed boobies, sharks and pelicans should all be on your checklist.  Giant tortoises roam freely in the highlands and will certainly be at Semilla Verde around the month of November and are always at the Charles Darwin Research Station.

What is the electrical currency/outlet in Ecuador?
Ecuador uses the same plug and currency as the US (110-120V).  Some plugs will not accept the third ‘grounding’ pin so a back-up adapter is recommended.

Is there internet access on property?
Yes, Semilla Verde does have wifi on property that can be accessed in the rooms or communal spaces.  Please note that the signal may occasionally drop and that email and Skype are possible but large files or pictures won’t work.

Can I drink the water?
Fresh and filtered water is available in multiple locations and fresh water and juices will be available at meal times.  The water out of the tap is not suitable to drink.

Do I need to bring my own mat, blocks, straps, etc?
Semilla Verde is fully stocked with Manduka mats and blocks and YogiToes straps.  If you are attached to your mat and accessories, feel free to take them, but they are not necessary on this adventure.

Should I book any other activities/massages ahead of time?
This trip is fully itinerized leaving only minimal time unscheduled.  There is so much to see on the islands so please plan on full days of adventure, animal sightings and beautiful star filled skies.  We recommend that you schedule massages 24hrs in advance, but allow for a little quiet time for yourself or for strolling on the grounds.  Listening to nature is almost more fun than seeing it!

What do I need to bring?
You will need a good sturdy pair of walking shoes as well as a pair of shoes that can go from water to land (i.e., Tevas or the like).  The topography of the islands is varying and you’ll want sturdy shoes for the time spent in the highlands.  Bring your yoga clothes, casual wear, a swim suit and plenty of charge on your camera.

Do I need travel insurance?
This trip is a big investment of time, energy, imagination and funds.  We highly recommend that you buy travel insurance in the event that an unforeseen situation arises.  You will also want to know that you are covered medically if a penguin bites off a finger (kidding!!).

What is the weather on the islands?
June to November is known as the garua season.  Water temperatures are in the low 70*s and fog is typical in the mornings.  Generally this cloud cover burns off (think ‘June Gloom’) and the sun is still warm.  Rains are also typical during this time of year.

December to May is considered the ‘warm’ season with ocean temperatures in the high 70*s, hot day temperatures and little to no wind.  Strong rain storms can blow in and out during this time of year.

Regardless of the time of year, the highland location of Semilla Verde offer fewer bugs, cooler temperatures and a quiet
to the bustle of town.

What if I want to visit mainland Ecuador before or after my yoga adventure?
Amazon Andes Sky The Travel YogiIf you are looking to explore mainland Ecuador before or after your Galapagos yoga retreat then we highly recommend you buzz the team at Amazon Andes Sky.  These guys are mainland experts and can steer you in the right direction.  Feel free to check out their resource page and contact them for more info.