Vinyasa Yoga For Youth

We are proud and honored to announce that we are working with non-profit lions, Vinyasa Yoga for Youth. Each year The Travel Yogi will donate a percentage of our annual profit to this heartfelt project that is serving their youthful community in schools, weekend workshops and summer retreats.

This amazing group of dedicated yogis are exposing children and youth, ages 5-22, to yoga in a fun in engaging way. VYFY asserts that the root of many of our global problems stem from unhealthy and disconnected ways of living that we have all come to accept as normal. Their mission is to empower youth locally and globally so “that they will become reconnected, make healthier life choices and have an enhanced capacity for compassion.”

Words from VYFY yogis (grade 10)

“I gained so much knowledge from these experiences of Yoga. I learned that yoga isn’t just doing random stretches, yoga is how you connect yourself with the world, with nature. This whole yoga session thing, is one the best experiences I can take from your class.”

“Like yoga, poetry is a way of releasing thoughts and emotions peacefully. Yoga connects to poetry because yoga is the poetry of the body.”

“I did not care much for the ending because when you would just lay there still and not moving. It was hard to stay in the present with your thoughts.”

“The biggest thing I will take away from the yoga classes is the one on one time I had with my body. I have never had the experience I did in Yoga where I’m by myself with my body. That was really cool and very worthwhile.”

Through its programs VYFY aspires to:

  • Overcome the cost barrier for schools and organizations to provide yoga to the core neighborhood youth they are serving.
  • Increase physical activity and fitness levels of core neighborhood youth through yoga
  • Build strong and healthy relationships between yoga teachers and students, the school and the community
  • Promote and develop role models in and for core neighborhood youth communities

If you’re ready to join the lion pack and jump info the VYFY cause, we’ve got some ideas:

One Yoga Saskatoon Vinyasa Yoga for Youth Lion The Travel YogiRetreats with The Travel Yogi and our awesome teachers feed your soul, your heart, your passport and Vinyasa Yoga for Youth through our program with Swipe for Humanity (half of their cc fees through us go directly to VYFY) and through our annual donation.

Or, you can become a friend on Facebook and Twitter. You can Sponsor a Child or Sponsor a School. You can share it on your social media and spread the word. You can send good vibes and you can always contact them with helpful ideas of your own…