We want to try something different. Yoga retreats are an amazing way to open your mind and body; an amazing way to deepen your practice and your understanding of yoga… they are invaluable. But travel accomplishes much of the same by way of personal and spiritual awakening. Even the worst trips of our lives teach us about other cultures, locations and, most importantly, about ourselves. These need not be mutually exclusive experiences.

In that spirit we are proud to host some amazing retreat locations as well as what we affectionately call Yoga Adventures. We’ll do our best to describe the differences below and leave it to you to define your holiday experience.


Yoga Retreats:

The most defining feature of a yoga retreat is the intense focus on yoga.  Depending on The Travel Yogi teacher and their style, you can generally expect two yoga classes offered per day with the possibility of additional yogic training and philosophy.  Some teachers may also choose to lead a pranayama or meditation workshop or impart some chakra knowledge.

These trips stay at one specific retreat location and have room or spaces designated and designed for yoga.  Although yoga is the focus, all locations will have optional activities.  Whether it’s a Mexico Yoga Retreat or a Yoga Surf Retreat in Nicaragua, you can leave the yoga studio and look forward to swimming, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, relaxing beachside with an awesome book and, and, and…


Yoga Adventures:

Here’s where we’re getting creative…  Our Yoga Adventures strive to combine the best of a yoga retreat (i.e., a daily practice and amazing teachers) with an adventure holiday.  On these trips there will be a split focus between yoga and culture/nature/adventure/etc.  The yoga on these trips will be more adventurous; yogis should be prepared to practice by a hotel pool or while out traveling.  Either way, the yoga will almost always be offered in an atypical location and will require an intrepid and flexible spirit.

To give you a taste of what we’re talking about, catch our nature-focused Yoga Adventure on the Galapagos Islands.  Yoga is only the beginning of this adventure.  We’ve mixed together the best of the islands with an amazing itinerary and a fully stocked yoga studio making our retreat center a one-of-a-kind center on one-of-a-kind islands.  Yogis, nature lovers, families and travel enthusiasts welcome.


Our Yoga Adventures are expanding yoga retreat boundaries and expectations.  After all, why not?


Where will yoga take you…

Where Will Yoga Take You The Travel Yogi Yoga Retreats