Christy Evans


Christy Y. Evans is a teacher of yoga, qigong, meditation and philosophy. Christy offers her students and clients a heart-based approach to growing personal edges and stretching for a purpose on and off of the yoga mat. She believes in the benefits and power of play as a way of remembering our true nature and is passionate about guiding individuals toward the divine play within, Lila (lee-lah).

From this heart-based awareness, she offers the practice of yoga asana through the lens of playful presence. Alignment, breath, and visualizations are woven into her practices to deepen the connection to our body and the world around. Christy offers enriching online yoga and meditation videos as an expert instructor with Grokker, an online company that supports peoples passion through video. As a senior teacher for Mukti Yoga School, Christy leads yoga teacher trainings as well as regional and international wellness retreats. Her collective experiences and interests segued into working with the professional athletes of the San Jose Earthquakes of Major League Soccer to support individual peak performance and optimal team outcomes. As a way of bridging spirituality to the mainstream, Christy leads interactive online Spirituality 101 courses and webinars to the ‘spiritually curious’ where she shares simple yet empowering teachings and practices for living our most purposeful lives.

Christy’s teaching roots are inspired by a desire to work with individuals to maintain wellness through pre-habilitation which was discovered while working for years as a medical speech language pathologist. As a collegiate soccer player, Christy developed a true sense of focus that contributes to her understanding of meaningful inner strength. Moreover, a true connection with the community around her, provided Christy the opportunity to serve as an ambassador of lululemon athletica. Her diverse interests and experiences established the roots and solid foundation from which she draws upon today. Christy is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher under the certification of Julie Rader Wellman. Christy is grateful for the teachings of Sianna Sherman and Noah Mazé for establishing her yoga teacher training roots in alignment and grace. As well as, Triloka and Mattamayura Institute for their teachings in medical qigong and non-dual shiva tantra, respectively.

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