Matt Rothert


Matt grew up in the South and Midwest playing whatever sport was in season: basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, football, track, tennis, and golf. He ran track and cross country and played golf while graduating from Wheaton College, in Chicago with a BA in Business and Economics.

After a successful climb up the corporate ladder working in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Madison/Milwaukee, he gave it all up to follow his passions. Not really knowing what those were at the time, he moved to California in 2001. Once in California, Matt realized he was home.

He taught himself to surf and skateboard and then began practicing yoga. He quickly realized yoga improved nearly all aspects of his life, strengthening both his body and mind. He has completed the majority of his training with mentor Julie Rader of Mukti Yoga. Matt has also had the honor of recently becoming Lululemon Athletica Southbay’s newest Ambassador.