The raw and fierce beauty of Iceland will awe and amaze… guaranteed!  The volcanic power that continues to form this island is palatable in the hum of Reykjavik and in the echoes of ageless glaciers and exploding geysers.  Hot water for your tea?  Hot shower water in your room?  Yup, all geo-thermally heated.  Iceland, in all its seasons and facets, is an extraordinary yoga retreat backdrop.

  • Iceland Yoga Retreats & Adventures

Our first yoga retreat in Iceland captured our hearts, and we are excited to share with you the highlights of what makes this island tick.  Explore waterfalls and geysers, case the city, find out what all of the geo-thermal fuss is about and chillax in the Blue Lagoon.

From our base in Reykjavik we’ll find the rhythm and hum of the city with multiple escapes to unrivaled natural beauty.

Accommodation Options

Our home base in Reykjavik at the Grand serves as our retreat-home as well as our practice space. A beautiful hardwood floored studio awaits morning and evening practice while their kitchen turns out delicious vegetarian and non-veggie meals to nourish and nosh on.

Iceland Yoga Retreats The Travel Yogi

Executive Rooms

Executive rooms offer comfort with Scandinavian luxury. Clean, crisp rooms with large bathrooms lull each yogi to sleep.  Bask in the thoughtful extras of heated towel racks (a welcome luxury), long tubs and deep, comfortable beds.


Iceland Yoga Retreat The Travel Yogi AccommodationsAtrium Rooms

Atrium rooms offer many of the same comforts of the Superior Executive room with a few slight differences.  Atrium rooms will look in towards the spacious and natural-light filled lobby area and will be slightly smaller than their Executive cousins.   All of these rooms can accommodate two beds for roommates and are a wonderfully comfortable alternative to the Executive rooms.

Yoga retreat schedules will vary slightly based on weather and final itineraries will go out to the travel crew about a month prior to departure. Our schedule below gives you an overall picture of what a weeklong yoga retreat in Iceland will look like:

Day 1

  • Early (very early for most of us) morning arrival in Iceland
  • Transfer to Reykjavik (approx 1hr) and drop bags off at our hotel
  • Rejuvenate with a full breakfast (coffee!) and take a few moments to relax
  • Head out for a walking foodie tour of Reykjavik
    • Get your bearings and a gastronomical tour of this eaty-eclectic country
  • Play in downtown or stroll back and check in to your room
  • Evening de-plane and welcome yoga class
  • Group welcome dinner

Day 2

  • Early morning yoga and big (big) buffet breakfast
  • Grab a layer or two, camera and your sunnies for a full day locally guided Golden Circle adventure
    • Gullfoss’ (the ‘Golden Falls’) natural and massive gorgeousness
    • Geysirand Stokkur’s natural spring eruptions
    • Thingvellir- Iceland’s national shrine and World Heritage Site
    • Science, history and more natural beauty than you can shake and elf at (Icelandic “ha”)
  • Head back for early evening yoga
  • Chill down evening group dinner

Day 3

  • Morning yoga and group buffet breakfast
  • Free day to explore at your leisure
    • Walk into downtown to explore
    • Head out to see the countryside on an Icelandic horse
    • Book a day trip to the south coast
    • Check out the Iceland Phallological Museum (yup, seriously)
  • Early evening yoga and head out for dinner or stay in and chill

Day 4

  • Early morning yoga and group buffet breakfast
  • Get your grubbies on for caving and a swimsuit bag and towel for the Blue Lagoon
    • Explore the amazing aesthetics of Iceland’s caves and prepare to get your spelunking on
    • After a morning of caving set off to the Blue Lagoon to soak it all out, off and in
  • Head back rejuvenated for early evening yoga
  • Stay in and continue the chill vibe or head out for dinner on the town

Day 5 – Winter Tours

  • Early morning yoga and breakfast at the hotel
  • Spend a restful or adventurous day around town getting ready for the evening adventure
  • Early evening yoga
  • Enjoy a group dinner and fill up for our big night out
  • Layer up and grab your camera: it’s Northern Lights time
    • Head out in our heated vans for aurora borealis showtime
    • Please note that we chase the lights for the best possible views, so it could be a late night
    • We’ll be looking for the clearest night to head out but will include a make-up night if needed

Day 5 – Summer Tours

  • Early morning yoga and breakfast at the hotel
  • Head out on the water for whale watching
    • Get ready for up close and personal as we hop on rib boats (smaller, on-the-water boats) to meet the natives
    • Possible Minke, Humpback whale or White-beaked dolphin sightings
  • Decompress before early evening yoga and head out for dinner or stay in and chill

Day 6

  • Later morning yoga and breakfast at the hotel
  • Last day to take in Reykjavik, sample the local cuisine and get your puffin stuffie
  • Early evening yoga class and closing circle
  • Final group dinner

Day 7

  • Depending on your flight time it’s up for breakfast, hugs and goodbyes
  • Transfer to KEF and shuffle through a week’s awesome memories while waiting to board!

What’s Included

  • Morning vinyasa yoga
  • Evening chill out yoga practice
  • Foodie walking tour of Reykjavik
  • Full day guided tour of Iceland’s famous Golden Circle
    • Gullfoss’ natural gorgeousness
    • Geysir natural spring (time-able eruptions and a good indication of what’s going on below!)
    • Thingvellir’s cultural and historic past
    • Science, history and more natural beauty than you can shake an elf at (Icelandic “ha”)
  • Guided night trips out chasing the Northern Lights (winter & spring trips)
    • Includes one make-up chasing night if the skies are too cloudy for a showing
  • RIB boat whale watching & puffins tour (summer trips)
    • Special RIB boats get you as close to the water and the whales and dolphins as possible
    • Trip out to the craggy cliffs to see the puffins
    • Boat through the Reykjavik harbor for some scenic pics
  • Morning Icelandic caving excursion
  • Afternoon relax and soak at the Blue Lagoon
  • Comfort lux accommodations
  • Full buffet breakfast daily
  • Four full dinners (vegetarian and non-vegetarian options)
  • Transportation to and from Keflavik (KEF) airport
  • Free wifi

 What’s Not Included

  • Airfare to Iceland
  • Lunches
  • Two dinners
  • Additional excursions
  • Alcohol or items of a personal nature/souvenirs
  • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • Gratuities

Optional Excursions

Between yoga, the full days of included excursions and chilling with new friends there is a ton to do on this amazing island. Plug the locals for fun excursions and check out below for additional awesome adventures. Please note that weather does play a part in some of the excursions so yogi flexibility (pun always intended) is always appreciated.

All but two dinners are included so that you can get out and enjoy Reykjavik’s culinary scene which ranges from the traditional to ‘new’ traditional to international and to raw. We highly recommend popping into Glo. These guys to raw, vegetarian, chicken and soup organic every day and pride themselves on sourcing locally. All locations are walkable from our home base and definitely worth the stroll.

The options below would be at an additional cost but there is more than enough fun and quirky adventure to be had by strolling Reykjavik or hopping on a bike from the hotel. In particular, a trip to the top of the Hallgrímskirkja offers unbeatable views and can help you spot your next destination: Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, also known as ‘the best hot dog in town’. Hot dogs are something of a national obsession, so if you’re willing, it’s definitely something to scratch off your ‘to do’ list…

South Coast (glacier hiking & snowmobiling option)
Set out for a day of adventuring and unbelievable sightseeing. Get up close and personal to Sólheimajökull glacier (you can choose to glacier hike or snowmobile depending on the weather) and climb up, around and above the Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls. Cruise by the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano and climb and wonder at the amazing basaltic rock pillars on the black sand beach near Vik. Starting at $110 per person with Iceland Guided Tours.

Snæfellsnes National Park
Spend the day touring through Icelandic history and the gorgeous scenery of Snæfellsnes. Whether photographing the scenery, gathering the folk lore and visiting historic Icelandic spots, the best of this national park will be in your camera and your heart. Starting at $130 per person with Iceland Guided Tours.

Icelandic Horse Ride
Enjoy a ride on the unique and endemic Icelandic horse. Ride to the hot springs, the mountains, the beach… take a short ride or spend the day. You’re guaranteed to leave with a respect for this unique breed (and when you see them don’t call them ponies!) and memories of the countryside you’ll never forget. Contact Eldhestar for tour options and pricing.

National Museum of Iceland
Explore the culture and history of Iceland through their permanent and traveling exhibitions. Entrance fees $13 per person. Click here for hours and exhibits.

Iceland Phallological Museum
Yes, it is a real museum. The Iceland Phallological Museum is a collection of penis’ and penis parts from all manner of mammals on the island. From polar bears, whales and walruses to legally acquired human specimens. And the gift shop is certainly worth a stroll… Click here for hours and information.

Imagine Peace Tower
Created by Yoko Ono and dedicated on October 9th, 2007 (John Lennon’s 67th birthday), the Icelandic Imagine Peace tower is a beacon of light from the depths of a wishing well. The light from the tower is constantly in flux due atmospheric conditions unique to Iceland. Click here for hours and visitor information.


What airport do I fly into?
You will be traveling Keflavik (KEF).  The airport is about an hour outside of Reykjavik and our transfers will pick you up, regardless of flight arrival time, and whisk you into town.

Do I need a passport/visa?
US citizens will need a valid passport to visit Iceland, but no visa is required at this time. Passports will need to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.  Iceland reserves the right to refuse entry if passports expire before the 6 month mark.

Nationals of all other countries should check travel requirements well in advance of their retreat.

What should I expect to see?
Iceland is a land of contrast… oceans and mountains, volcanoes and glaciers and cool winds and warm people.  Expect to learn a lot about the geology of the ever shifting island and expect ‘ooh’ and ‘aaaah’ pictures of waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, volcanoes, beautiful Reykjavik and the famous Icelandic horse (and DON’T call them ‘ponies’).

Will I definitely be able to see the Northern Lights?
Mother Nature is a wonderful but irresolute hostess.  While we have picked a moon cycle that will allow for the least amount of light (i.e., the new moon), we cannot guarantee that the clouds will be in our favor.  Our night out to spot the Northern Lights will have one redo if no lights are spotted.  We’ll do our best, but we can’t guarantee a full sighting.

What is the electrical currency/outlet in Iceland?
Iceland utilizes the same plug and currency as Europe (220V).  If you are using North American plugs, an adapter and converter will be necessary.  Some plugs will not accept the third ‘grounding’ pin so a back-up adapter is recommended.

Is there internet access on property?
Yes!  Wifi is readily available on property and can be accessed in most easily in the communal spaces.  Wifi can be spotty in the rooms farther away from the center lobby.

Can I drink the water?
Fresh, fresh, fresh water is in abundance, as is fresh hot (really hot) water right out of your tap.

Do I need to bring my own mat, blocks, straps, etc?
We’ll supply the yoga mats. Our home base is not a yoga retreat center, so if needed, please do remember to pack any additional props.

Should I book any other activities/massages ahead of time?
There is so much to do that we highly suggest you wait until you arrive to book extra excursions.  You may not have thought about hitting a volcanic-rock beach or heading up north to spot a Blue Whale, but these are just a few of your options in Iceland!  Then, of course, there’s always relaxing in the spa…  We can help you book extras ahead of time, but our advice is to wait.

What do I need to bring?
You will need a good sturdy pair of walking shoes as well as layers for the excursion days.  Other than that, bring your yoga clothes, casual wear, a swim suit and plenty of charge on your camera!

Do I need travel insurance?
All trips are a big investment of time, energy, imagination and funds.  We highly recommend that you buy travel insurance in the event that an unforeseen situation arises.  You will also want to know that you are covered medically in case a puffin bites off a finger (kidding!!).

What is the weather on the island?
While it is late winter in March, don’t let Iceland’s name scare you.  You’ll want to pack your winter gear and layers, but you’re not headed to the Arctic.  Days will generally be in the mid to high 30s and snow is most frequently encountered outside of Reykjavik.  A rain jacket is a good idea and, if you don’t have a good winter coat, Iceland has some of the warmest and best looking winter jackets this yogi has yet seen.