5 Reasons to Take Your Yoga Practice on the Road

Sure, yoga retreating is our business, but it is also our passion. We believe taking yoga with you on a vacation can enhance your practice, your trip and, ultimately, your whole life! These are only five of the many reasons to take your yoga practice on the road.

#1 Vacation can jump start a diet … not bust it

We all know vacation can throw a wrench in any diet or healthy habit. It is usually a time when “calories don’t count” or “the beach is my exercise.” Vacation doesn’t have to be a diet-buster to be relaxing. A yoga vacation can help you continue healthy habits or even start new ones while you relax. Most people return from yoga retreats inspired to make even more changes toward a healthy lifestyle.

#2 You’ll see a destination through a new lens

When you travel, experiencing new places can be shadowed by a lens of deciding what to eat, where to stay or how to get around. The point of a yoga retreat is to completely relax and let your guides take the lead. Meals are planned, the rooming options are pre-set, and you don’t need to leave the location if you don’t want to. By taking the “planning” out of a vacation, a yoga retreat allows you to quite simple be in your location. This, plus daily yoga practices and healthy eating, can reawaken your senses to what is around you.

#3 You can experience new teachers and teaching styles

Most of us have a favorite teacher or home studio. But, getting out and trying someone or something new will enhance your practice. Look into teachers you’ve heard about or may want to take a class with (Kathryn Budig, anyone?) and see what retreats they offer. Even if you’re considering going with your own hometown favorite teacher, ask about the unique experiences he or she is planning. TheĀ Belize retreat this November lead by Julie Rader will focus on Chakra awakening practices. Getting yourself out of the studio can welcome new experiences into your practice.

#4 You’ll break your yoga rut

As you welcome new experiences, you can get over that yoga “plateau.” You know the one. You’ve been practicing regularly for a year or two, your chaturunga looks great, your butt looks even better, but you still can’t do a headstand in the middle of the room or transition from side angle to bird of paradise. You know how it goes – you need one of those AHA! moments in your practice, and lately they’ve been few and far between. Since retreats keep the teacher to student ratio small, you’ll have plenty of one-on-one time to encourage breakthroughs. You’ll come back to the mat inspired and ready to go upside down.

#5 It doesn’t have to be expensive!

This last one is probably the single most important! A lot of people have travel priorities like family vacations, weddings, soccer tournaments and class reunions. With all of these lined up, making room in the budget for a yoga retreat may not be a priority. Yoga retreats run the gamut with pricing. You can head to Belize for 5 nights for under $700 . Still looking for something less expensive? Start local. Look into retreats to nearby resorts or natural destinations. You can head out of town for $300 or $400, enjoy yourself, gain all the benefits, and maybe just save up for that big retreat another year.