A Little Vinyasa

We all know that yoga asana is practiced across the globe by millions of people and this ‘fad’ is now engrained in our local daily fabric.  While the reasons yoga became such a zeitgeist in the past 20 years in the U.S. is open for discussion, but even the most transient of practitioners knows that yoga is much more than the practice of asanas.

bali yoga retreat group photoBreath as the synchronized pattern of breath-work and asana, is key to any yoga practice.  Vinyasa literally means “movement between poses in yoga, typically accompanied by regulated breathing”.  As dry as that sounds, it is the foundation upon which this mind/body practice is centered.  The element is key to each asana as it not only helps build internal heat, for the physical practice, but it also centers the mind and, at its zenith, helps create a meaningful moving meditation.

In movement yogis strive to achieve “sthira”, or steadiness in a posture (mentally as well as physically).  If and when steadiness is reached, a practicing yogi hopes to feel “sukha”, or comfort.  The combination of these elements is where the mind/body connection is made.  Yoga is a deceptively strong and healthy way to (sneakily) bring meditation and focus into your life.  While many of us feel too busy or overwhelmed to sit and practice meditation, our societal focus on health and exercise allow us guilt free time on our yoga mats.  The brilliance of this sneaky yoga extra is the mind-training that takes place each class conditioning us to focus on the breath, quiet our minds and live in the now of our asana.

iceland group photo

Of course our yogis live in the ‘now’ in extraordinary places.  Whether you’re practicing in the shadow of Mt. Hekla on our Iceland yoga retreat or soaking up the culture and beauty while yoga-ing in Bali, our vinyasa based, amazing, yoga teachers are there to help you push your boundaries, open up new spaces in your heart, mind and body and to travel with you through an amazing yoga retreat adventure week.