Aim True in Vermont, Baja and Beyond with Kathryn Budig

Kathryn sharing the “Aim True” love in Prague.

We asked Kathryn Budig to share with you why she loves what she does, what it’s like to go on retreat with her and why she’s excited to share her Aim True motto on retreat in Stowe, VT this fall – complete with archery, horseback riding, yoga and more.

Here’s Kathryn’s response:

I love what I do. 

I often wake up in an unknown bed (not nearly as racy as it sounds…) and take a few minutes to register where I am. Then I remember I’m leading a retreat with a group of fantastic yogis in an amazing location off the grid. I take a deep breath, sigh it out and immediately go into my place of gratitude because as I said before—I love what I do.

My ‘duty’ is to take people out of their comfort zone and into a place where they can learn what triggers them and how to become less reactive. Sometimes it’s scary and often times it’s just downright fun. I use different approaches—asana practice, lecture and group dynamic – to inspire and empower. While I do this everyday of my life, my favorite setting to tackle empowerment is on retreat.

Kathryn + Crew post bungee jump jumping on retreat in New Zealand!


Retreats have always been my favorite part of the job. I pick a location that I’ve always wanted to visit and collect an awesome group of people who without a doubt have made friends for life by the end of the week. We practice twice daily allowing us to flow, restore and dig deep into the poses that we typically don’t have enough time to cover in a normal class setting. We eat delicious local food, drink good wine and beer, adventure out into local excursions and find ourselves able to unplug and leave our phones behind. It’s the perfect way to recharge your battery both spiritually and physically while having the time of your life.

My adventures have ranged from adrenaline inspired New Zealand (pictured above) to the mystical shores of Santorini. We’ve cracked coconuts in Mexico and watched the whales play in Hawaii. This year, I wanted to offer a location that was magically but accessible so I chose Stowe, VT. An easy plane ride for most Americans and a stunning backdrop set in a New England autumn.

My motto of life is ‘Aim True’ and it’s the lesson that I infuse into all of my teaching. The motto originally came from my love of the Greek goddess, Artemis who is the goddess of the hunt and an archer. The second I laid my eyes on Stowe I knew this was a place where we could not only aim true on our mats but we could actually get outside and learn how to aim true like Artemis would—with an actual bow and arrow! We worked out all the logistics and daily archery will be available for anyone who wants to practice their breath, aim and meditation outside in the crisp air.

Honestly…I can’t wait! These retreats feed my soul and I am beyond thrilled to meet my new people while discovering new places.


 Keep up with our Travel Yogi Kathryn Budig this fall for her Aim True Yoga + Archery Retreat in Stowe, VT October 8 – 13th and her New Year’s Yoga Celebration at Prana del Mar in Baja to ring in 2014.