Hold That Pose! Asana Art

There is something cleverly artistic about the contours and lines of the human body while practicing yoga.  The body is powerful, vulnerable, and absolutely gorgeous, all at the same time!
For the most part, we don’t have ourselves photographed or let alone DRAWN while practicing yoga (at least that we know of, ha!).  But let’s ponder this, what would it look like if you had someone capture your amazingly unique form in a yoga posture, following your lengthening lines and your every curve?  It’s time to introduce you to ASANA ART!
I was first introduced to the Co-Founders of Asana Art, Tina & Steve Lustig, through lululemon athletica in Newport Beach, California.  As an ambassador with lululemon, I was asked if I would like to: “practice some yoga on top of one of those moveable islands you’d see in the store that are normally covered with groove pants and stride jackets.  And by the way, you’ll be holding the pose for a bit because someone will be drawing you!”
Well golly gee whiz, It’s on like Donkey Kong!  I’m all for trying something new!
Steve, an artist extraordinaire, has an exquisite ability to capture the human body with a skilled anatomical perspective while articulating one’s personal strengths and beauty.  So how on earth does this all work?  Check out this short video to see how Steve works his magic!
For all the yummy details about Asana Art, please check out Asana Art or their Facebook page.
(The Travel Yogi blogger Jaime Komer (right) and fellow lululemon ambassador Jill Grogg (left) striking a pose.)

All About Jaime: Jaime is a yogi, pilates instructor, adventurer, Olympic athlete and all around amazingly sweet person all wrapped up in one.  She is a self-described “Athlete At Heart. Yogi By Practice. Traveler By Nature.” and that is, precisely, Jaime.

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