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LA Yoga Map by the Incomparable Mr. Rosen


Ok, so technically this isn’t a blog post.  There are amazing sources for information and much more gifted writers than myself to treat you to.  So, from now on this is going to be a blog/reposting site for yoga info that I enjoy and want to share.  Sharing is what it’s all about, right?  Then […]

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It’s Not Easy Being Green


In this my favorite frog was right.  I do what I can; my daughter has a lunchbox (not bag) and washable lunch containers (not plastic bags), we use a water filtration system and LED lights, we drive a SmugCar and a clean diesel (someone needs to explain ‘clean’ diesel).  And, of course, we recycle.  Is […]

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Montana Musings


This travel yogi first experienced Montana in the 90s when I attended Montana State University.  Although I didn’t stick with the school, Montana stuck with me.  Sixteen years later I found a reason to go back. Montana is difficult to explain.  It’s hard not to roll your eyes when using a license plate motto as […]

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