Adventure Travel in the World’s Most Romantic Places

Backpacking couple holding hands. Explore the world’s most romantic places with The Travel Yogi.

Sure, traveling with your partner is fun. But did you know there’s data behind that warm, fuzzy feeling you get exploring the world together? Learn more about how travel improves romance—and where to find some of the world’s most romantic places

This Just In: Travel Improves Relationships

You probably already know how great travel is for your health and wellbeing. But did you know it can also improve your romantic relationships? Traveling together is a more effective way of sparking romance in your relationship than gift-giving (unless, of course, the gift is travel…ha). Here are just a few of the benefits of traveling to the world’s most romantic places with your beau.

Not all vacations are created equal. In order to experience the benefits of travel in your relationship, you and your partner need to align on what you want out of the trip: location, activities, duration, etc. should jazz both parties.

Shared Memories = Antidote to Tough Times

Think about some of your favorite memories. Were you solo, or doing something fun and adventurous with friends and loved ones? Traveling creates some of the strongest and happiest memories. When you travel with your better half, you get to create those mountaintop moments together. (Even mishaps on vacation can make the funniest memories later!)

Improved Communication

Traveling involves a lot of clear communication and collaboration. A 2016 study by Texas A&M found that couples who travel together actually communicate better in their day-to-day life once they return home. This is because travel takes you and your partner out of your element, and navigating new territory together can help you better navigate familiar territory at home.

Spice Things Up

Let’s cut to the chase: novelty is one of the key ingredients to a good sex life. Travel allows you and your partner to see each other in a new environment, free from the stresses of your routine. (So if you’ve been feeling uninspired lately, it’s time to book a trip!)

Test Run, Anyone?

For newer relationships (or if you’re considering putting a ring on it!), travel is the perfect test run. Not only will you get to practice making decisions together, but you’ll get to see how your partner reacts to the unexpected (and vice versa, so beware…ha).

The World’s Most Romantic Places

Now that you know why you and your boo should book a trip pronto, let’s explore three of the world’s most romantic places: France, Sicily, and Panama.

What makes a destination “romantic”?

The world’s most romantic places have the perfect mix of great weather, beautiful scenery, and that secret ingredient of what a specific couple is looking for on holiday.


Forget “city” of love—France is the country d’amour! Not only do they produce the best wine, but the country oozes sensuality. Public displays of affection are considered the norm here, as is wandering tipsy (on life, love, vin? You choose) through the streets of Paris hand-in-hand with your lover. Here are two more activities you’ll find in the Country of Love:

Romance on the River

Step back in time when you explore La Roque-Gageac (pronounced “la rock gah-jack”), one of France’s most picturesque villages in the southern part of the country. Right on the Dordogne River, you can picnic by the river, stroll quaint shops, hike the nearby fortress of Domme, or or or….

Medieval Street Market, Anyone?

When it comes to fun things to explore together, the town of Issigeac (pronounced “issi-jack”) is not to be missed, especially on Sundays when they host their famous weekly farmer’s market. Enjoy local delights tucked in an ancient medieval village. This is also an excellent spot to pick up a few souvenirs—although just a few selfies in this medieval town might be memento enough.

Ready to experience true joie de vivre? Check out our yoga adventure to France.


We couldn’t discuss the world’s most romantic places without mentioning Italy. (Ovviamente!) But to get even more romantic: Sicily. When it comes to picturesque terrain, Sicily has it all: offshore islands, rugged mountains, quaint villages, stunning beaches, active volcanoes, and historic castles. Here’s what to expect:

Brush up on these Sicilian phrases before you go!

Selfie-Worthy Architecture

Taormina is a city rich with history, at one time inhabited by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, French, and Spanish. (Whew!) All of this influence is reflected in layers of historic architecture, from churches to Greek-Roman theaters and palazzos. Tie on your best neck scarf and snap away!

Did We Mention Volcanos?

Hiking, scenic vistas, and off-roading get kicked up an adrenaline notch when it all happens on the highest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. Off-road part-way up the volcano, then explore rich biodiversity as you hike Mediterranean scrubland and active craters. Catch a reward smooch at the summit, along with stunning photos of the world below—the world is your volcano!

Enjoy a glass of the local volcanic vino (no joke) or an aperitif as you watch the sunset on our Sicily adventure.


For those of you looking for romance without the trans-Atlantic flight, here’s one of the world’s most romantic places just south of the border: Panama. Think crystal clear and warm Caribbean waters and lush beach-side jungles… need we say more?

A Foodie’s Paradise

Tucked in the southern part of Panama City lies Casco Viejo (literally, “Old Town”), home to the best food in the city. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage site, the district dates back to 1673 and has since become Panama City’s hippest neighborhood. Despite being just four avenues wide, the district is chock full of wine bars, jazz cafes, gooooorgeous architecture, and cobbled alleyways that will charm your socks off.

Ultimate Relaxation

Bocas Del Toro does “island time” to a tee. This province, made up of three main islands in the northwestern portion of Panama, is just a 45-minute plane ride from Panama City. With its relatively undeveloped landscape, Bocas is known for laid-back vibes, friendly locals, and stunning waters. Grab your cutest boat-day outfit and hit the water.

Be sure to don your Panama hat as you peruse our Panama adventure.

Now Grab Your Sweetie and Go

Want to work on your communication skills and enjoy the benefits (ahem) of skipping out on the day-to-day routine?  We’ve got your back… Go wine tasting on our France adventure, hike Mount Etna on our Sicily adventure, or snorkel on our Panama adventure. We’ve got the logistics handled so you and your partner can focus on each other.