Travel Solo But Not Alone

Solo Travel The Travel Yogi

  If you’re considering (or have already planned) a solo yoga vacation, you’re not alone! On any given trip with The Travel Yogi you’ll find that our intrepid yogis are heading out on an independent journey, so regardless of the destination, you’re in excellent company! While we all know you’re an awesome, independent, openhearted and […]

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Spotlight: Galapagos

Galapa-GO on the retreat of a lifetime! Yoga? Yes! Adventure? Yes! Eco-luxury? Yes! If you’re searching for an epic retreat that combines unbelievable animal adventures, boundless natural wonders and juicy yoga goodness, a Galapagos yoga retreat is your ticket to pure joy! Show your bucket list some love! This once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos adventure will do wonders […]

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Shift Happens: How Travel Changes Your Perspective

Mayan Riviera Cooking

We, ladies and gentlemen, are creatures of habit. Most of us actively participate in the same routine over and over again. The same workouts, the same work days, the same meals. Not because we are lazy slobs, no, rather because it’s comfortable! Comfort is pretty rad and all (yeah, I said rad), but I feel it […]

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A Little Vinyasa

Elizabeth Rowan yoga retreats The Travel Yogi

We all know that yoga asana is practiced across the globe by millions of people and this ‘fad’ is now engrained in our local daily fabric.  While the reasons yoga became such a zeitgeist in the past 20 years in the U.S. is open for discussion, but even the most transient of practitioners knows that yoga is much […]

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How to Prepare for a Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Travel yoga

So, you’ve booked your Bhutan trip… Or, maybe you just discovered a stunning photo of the famed Tiger’s Nest monastery (Taktshang Goemba) perched atop a jagged precipice on a mountain cliff and you’re ready to go! It could be that you saw Tshering Togbay’s TED Talk about Bhutan’s famed commitment to Gross National Happiness, which made you want to […]

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Who Owns Yoga?


There’s a lot of conversation out there about the yoga of Instagram and trademarks; the idea that yoga is an “exclusive” practice or one that belongs to a certain group of people. According to a new survey from Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance, these ideas are keeping some Americans from trying yoga while, at the same […]

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Yoga for Every(body)

Dianne Bondy Yoga

Despite what some media, groups, and people may have led us to believe, there is a yoga for everyone and a yoga for every body. Yoga is not the exclusive domain of the super fit, healthy, wealthy, new-agey, athletic, or flexible. Yoga is inclusive of all who are willing to practice it. Unfortunately, some commonly […]

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