Costa Rica Baby Sea Turtles

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Sea Turtle Release

They’re tiny.  They’re adorable.














The only mission these baby sea turtles have in the first few days of their lives is to get down the beach from the nest and in to the water as quickly as possible so that they are safe from predators. Once in the water they know they need to move as far away from shore as quickly as possible, so they enter what is referred to as a swimming frenzy until they reach safety. Sea turtles remain tucked away in deep water until they are big enough (around the size of a dinner plate) to survive on their own and are able to return to coastal waters.

Check out the video below to see one of these little ones in action.  And never fear, if you’d like to see the sea turtle babies for yourself, October is turtle season in Costa Rica. Need an excuse to book your flight? We’ve got an October yoga retreat at Blue Osa…