Galapagos: A Natural Playground for Yogis


Guest Post by Mary Beth LaRue

Even for a yogi it can be hard not to feel as though you are on a mad dash though life. Cell phones, Facebook, e-mail, the list is never-ending. And on top of that, fitting in a yoga practice that brings you into a state of complete balance.

Imagine a place off the grid, where you can practice yoga amongst giant tortoises and lizards, eat meals full of fresh veggies and fruits ripe from the earth, and take a post-sweaty yoga dip in bright blue waters.

That’s Galapagos.

The Travel Yogi is thrilled to be offering yoga retreats to Semilla Verde Galapagos beginning New Year’s 2012. “After two trips to the islands I can tell you that the overwhelming feeling is of humility,” says the Travel Yogi Jen Hoddevik. “It’s a ‘lost world’ down there and it delivers an appreciation of not only how delicate and fragile life is, but also how vulnerable and fragile we are. It is truly an animal’s world on the Galapagos and so many of us have moved past an ‘animal’ state. On their turf I felt humbled, fragile, and grateful to experience life out of my box.”

In the Galapagos, there’s abundant fearless wildlife where visitors can get close to some of the world’s rarest animals. Due to the convergence of three major oceanic currents there’s an incredible mix of marine life.

The Semilla Verde Galapagos estate is situated on 12 acres of fertile slopes on an ancient and extinct volcano in the rural uplands of Santa Cruz Island.  More specifically, the estate is located in the fresh, humid (mosquito free!) zone, three hundred meters above sea level and 12 km outside of Puerto Ayora town (12-15 minutes by shuttle or taxi, included in the price of your accommodation).

This elevated position allows birds to be easily observed in the forest canopy from above – a feature that is absolutely unique to Semilla Verde Galapagos. Nature trails wind their way around the estate; in season, giant tortoises lumber freely through the undergrowth; native birds thrive in the tree canopy; epiphytes such as mistletoe, orchids, mosses and ferns are found in abundance.

Semilla Verde Galapagos is owned and managed by an amazing married couple, Robert & Daysi Grimstone, and their two children. They are intimately involved in the day to day running of the guesthouse and the estate. Robert is a British born naturalist and scuba dive guide with over 10 years of experience in Galapagos and Daysi is a dedicated mother and ‘Master of Quality’, Ecuadorian-style home cooking.