Is the Grass Actually Greener on the Other Side?


On a splendidly sunny day, I soaked up the sun with a friend, chatting about our future goals and master plans to conquer the world. The conversation wandered around touching on future adventures, past experiences, and where we are at right now. Happy? Content? Fulfilled?

Sometimes with goal setting comes reflection as well. It’s human nature to look at our past and compare ourselves then and now. Whether this is healthy or not, that is for another blog. Yet it’s always a good sign when you know you have grown from the days, weeks, months, years, past!

Here is our oh-so-relevant revelation:

It’s so easy to think the grass is always greener on the other side. Damn, I wish I had a house like that, then everything would be divine. Oh, if only I could travel anywhere and anytime! I wish, I wish, if only…

My sweet conversational guru opened up telling me that this is the way she used to think.

And then one day, she was fed up. She said to herself “Well gosh darn it, I just need to water my own damn grass!”

How the heck DO you go from “the grass is soooo much greener on the other side” to “well shit, I’ve got a hose, I’ll just water my own lawn and voila!”? This is a tough one, but certainly not unrealistic. The truth is, we have to reach this turning point ourselves. It comes from deep within, a type of confidence and contentment, that allows you to truly KNOW that YOU are in control of how you feel.

A favorite yoga mantra of mine, which hits the tail smack in the middle of the donkey’s arrrss:

“The entire world is your own projection. If you feel bound, you are bound. If you feel liberated, you are liberated. Things outside can neither bind or free you. Only your attitude does that.”

Well played good sir, well played!


All About Jaime: Jaime is a yogi, pilates instructor, adventurer, Olympic athlete and all around amazingly sweet person all wrapped up in one.  She is a self-described “Athlete At Heart. Yogi By Practice. Traveler By Nature.” and that is, precisely, Jaime.  

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