Jetlag Yoga: 3 Steps to Restoring Sanity After Your Trip

Yea, we get it, traveling makes you tired, and jumping on the yoga mat isn’t your top priority. Thankfully, yoga actually helps cure jetlag and the aching back that goes with it. Try these simple tips anytime you’re traveling to stay energized and comfortable:

Salute the Sun
Sun salutations are designed to stretch the entire body and clear any blockages (such as muscle knots, lactic acid or stale blood) you may have in the body. You can perform any type of salutation you like, but classical sun salutations may be the best fit. Here is a simple video from Julie Rader showing the classical sun salutation version.

# 2 The Yogic Sleep
Yoga nidra is known as “the yogic sleep.” It was developed by ancient yogis as a way to rest efficiently in a small amount of time; just forty minutes of a deep meditation can be as invigorating as four hours of rest! If you can, travel with a copy of a yoga nidra meditation on your iPod. You may even like to play a meditation while you’re on the plane – great for red eye flights!

Get your legs up the wall
Legs up the wall pose is the most restorative posture you can take after a plane flight. This pose is entirely restorative, meaning you have to put no effort into the posture at all. Stagnant blood and fluid can remain in the legs while you travel (ever noticed how swollen your ankles get on an airplane?), and getting your feet elevated helps drain that fluid while recirculating oxygenated blood through the system. Get your legs up the wall for at least 10 minutes or as long as you like as soon as you reach your destination. And yes, we do recommend it as a “layover pose,” and we won’t judge you for laying on the ground in the airport terminal!