Nourish Your Soul: Mayan Riviera Yoga Retreat

rachelle tratt sophie jaffe mexico yoga retreatSometimes two people go together like peanut butter and jelly. Our two travel yogis, Rachelle Tratt and Sophie Jaffe, are the peanut butter to each other’s (superfood!) jelly and are excited to co-lead their upcoming “Nourish Your Soul” yoga retreat in the Mayan Riviera.

We caught up with both of them to ask a few questions as the retreat is drawing nearer. Keep reading to learn more about both of these lovely ladies and what led them to offer this fabulous yoga retreat!

What led the two of you to choose the Mayan Riviera for your retreat?


We were drawn to the Mayan Riviera for several reasons. Sophie has been to Tulum (very close by) for her own retreat a few years ago and was blown away by the magical experience. We’ve both been to Mexico many times because it’s such an easy trip from LA, yet feels so exotic and healing. The ocean is a crystal blue color and is sometimes warmer than the actual air. We will swim morning, noon and night, before and after practicing on our mats. We cannot wait to experience this with our own group of beautiful people! 


What is your retreat intention?


Our retreat intention is to help each person Nourish their Soul in whatever way feels right for them. We have led several workshops with the same theme and we always ask what nourishes their souls. Some people say travel, reading, laughter, nature, adventure, yoga, sweat, soulful conversation, giving back. We hope to embody all of this in our retreat and help everyone return to their homes with a nourished soul, refreshed spirit, and a happy heart. 


How did the two of you decide to join forces?


We were brought together in our community at a yoga and raw foods workshop. It was instant attraction, knowing we were each others other half. We haven’t stopped collaborating since that very evening and it just keeps getting better and better. 


philosophie-superfoodTell us about the food-based cleanse. What should people expect?


Our 3 day food based cleanse will be a program meant for each individual person on the retreat. It’s optional, and those that chose to partake in the program will get a one on one consultation with Sophie before the retreat to cater to their personal needs. It’s not restricting, instead, saturating and filling our bodies with the most beautiful foods on this planet for 3 consecutive days. People can expect to feel lighter, leaner, have more energy, better digestion, and clearer skin.


This retreat also includes an opportunity for volunteer work. Tell us a little more about that and why you decided to include it as part of the retreat?


It’s so lovely to go away on a trip or vacation and soak up all the beauty. After just a few days though, it can get a bit drab to continuously pamper yourself without giving back in some way. We are extremely privileged individuals and feel entitled to volunteer locally, as a gesture of love and appreciation of all the beauty we receive when traveling to their world. 


Mexican Riviera Yoga RetreatBetween yoga, the cleanse opportunity, volunteer work, and all of the adventures this retreat has an awesomely packed itinerary – what are you both most excited about?


Sophie: I’m so excited to shut down from normal life and tune into my own body, mind and soul. 7 full days of ME time, from morning til night, following what my body needs and wants and being true to that. Reading, journaling, ocean swims. Connecting with beautiful souls who want to spend a full 7 days by our sides, learning, growing, appreciating and loving together.

Rachelle: To travel with meaning and purpose with my Soul sister, to play in the sun, swim in the ocean, and disconnect from my every day routine.


Why do you love to travel?


Sophie: Travel gives me a new perspective and viewpoint of my life. It helps me to appreciate and question my choices and direction. Moving, challenge, adventure, the unknown. It’s all a wild ride and imperative for true growth for my spirit. 

Rachelle: Traveling allows me to step outside of my comfort zone, let go of “planning”, and open my eyes to all the beauty and magic that surrounds me.  I usually need to have some kind of adventure on the calendar or else a part of me feels like its dying, dramatic, I know, but traveling is essential nourishment for my soul.


If you could only travel to one place ever again, where would it be and why?


Sophie: Thailand islands. absolute M A G I C.

Rachelle: Bali. Thailand. India.


Intrigued? Learn more about their soulful retreat and prepare to join for a week of sun, adventure, and nourishment this May!