Preserving the Galapagos Islands

Since the moment we first laid eyes on the Galapagos Islands, they’ve held a special place in our hearts. The same can be said for every person we’ve sent on a Galapagos yoga retreat over the past several years. The magic of the islands is palpable – from the lush, green highlands to the lava rock in addition to the giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, and iguanas roaming freely as we explored.

The Galapagos Islands are made up of 97% protected National Park. Each one of our yoga retreats to the Galapagos feature the opportunity to tour several of the islands with a Certified Galapagos Naturalist, so that our retreaters can learn the history of the flora and fauna surrounding them. As we learn more about the Galapagos Islands, we become even more fully aware of the challenges facing the long-term survival of this precious area, and are committed to responsible tourism so that we can help protect this precious area.

This is where our partnership with the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA) comes in. As we learn more about the challenges facing the islands, we become even more committed to contributing to finding solutions and supporting ecotourism.


blue footed booby

The biggest challenges the islands currently face are:

Introduced Species

Human Impact

Threats to the Marine Reserve


Welfare of Galapagos Residents

Welfare and Education of Visitors

Governmental Support and Control


This video from the IGTOA tells the story of the challenges facing the Galapagos, with further description of some of the most urgent threats:

How can you help?

Right now, the IGTOA is running a campaign that double matches every dollar donated to help save the Charles Darwin Foundation! Get the details as they’ve extended the deadline on this campaign to continue fundraising efforts.

You can also help by booking a Galapagos yoga retreat. We know, it seems too good to be true, but we give $7 to the IGTOA for each person that books a retreat. So, your retreat dollars give you the travel experience of a lifetime while giving back to help ensure the islands are preserved for future generations of travelers.

Whether your heart is in Galapagos, Bali, Santorini, or any of the other travel destinations you’ve had the opportunity to visit, know that through responsible tourism you can always play a part in protecting land and helping communities and cultures continue to thrive.