Spotlight: Galapagos Adventure Tours

In the office or on the road, The Travel Yogi is always polishing and perfecting our yoga adventures.  Just when you think you know one of our destinations we turn the page and *wham* a new Galapagos adventure awaits!

Amazing yoga? Yes!  Some things never change with us.  Adventure?  Well, ditto.  Our shift is a mindful one…  give your heart to your passport but keep your eyes on the future; tread lightly and love your adventure.  We’re going eco-lux and still creating an epic retreat that combines unbelievable animal adventures, boundless natural wonders and juicy yoga goodness, a Galapagos yoga retreat is your ticket to pure joy!

Show your bucket list some love!

pic26-lasgrietas[1]This once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos adventure will do wonders for your travel bucket list.  Not only do we take you to must-see tucked away treats such as the emerald green waters of Las Grietas, you’ll kayak in secluded bays, swim with sea lions and turtles, and frolic with penguins.

Oh, and of course, don’t forget the yoga. Bookend your jam-packed days on a Galapagos yoga retreat with, duh, yoga!  The Travel Yogi’s teachers rule (seriously) and you can’t beat yoga in a fully stocked private studio looking out over the blue Pacific and neighboring islands….ahhhhhhhh!

Fresh adventure awaits

10615365_732234826811849_3887453382586529015_nEvery day is something new.  This is the beauty of the islands… you could literally chill in the same spot day after day and Mother Nature will raise the curtain on a new show each morning.  Not that we’re going to let you sit around all week (ha).  But even those who are old-hands at the Galapagos, like some lucky ducks in The Travel Yogi office, are excited to return because the trip is never the same twice.

We’ve added some new flavor and flair to our tried-and-true itinerary and we know how to time the days for maximum exposure.  There’s no scene stealing going on, we know Mother Nature runs this show, but we want you to experience living on the island(s), not just boat-hopping tourism.  Cream of the crop Naturalists run with our Galapagos adventure sunrise to sundown (they may even join you in yoga… we’ve all got knowledge to share, right?) to make sure no one misses a beat.  Promise.

Beaches, sea lions, tortoises, rays, sharks, blue-footed boobies, yoga, kayaking, lava tunnels andandand…  a fresh adventure

New luxe digs are the cherry on top!

DSC01873When you do finally come home to restore and rejuvenate after a grand day out, you’ll bask in the greenest, most luxurious boutique accommodations on the islands.  Your 43-acre home-away-from-home boasts giant tortoises, an organic coffee plantation and an organic garden.  Did we mention that our digs are located within the Galapagos Giant Tortoise Reserve?  Yup, chances of seeing one of these big lumbering dude just increased ten-fold…

The modern design, ease of life and incredible nature (yup, Giant Tortoises, bird-watching paradise and wild horses are all a possibility each week) at Montemar mean that your chill time is still infused with wildlife and nature at it’s best.

Treading lightly 

FullSizeRender (1)In a place of such unparalleled biodiversity and natural bounty, it’s important that we all tread lightly. Future generations should see the same amazing wildlife and endemic flora that you’ll see.  And, we all know that none of us live in a bubble, so what we do here matters there.  So we’re busting-proud to be working with a team that dreamt, built and live a sustainable ethos.

MonteMar is the first completely eco-efficient operation in the Galapagos.  Local crafts and materials built almost all of the villas, rain water and solar power fuel  your comfort and an organic garden and coffee plantation and free-range chickens (fun!) sustain your health.  There’s more, but we don’t want to toot the horn too much.  Needless to say, mind, body and the collective soul are in good hands.

Organic, natural, endemic.  Adventure, authentic, immersive.  There are probably a hundred more words we could sum up to describe our Galapagos yoga retreat, but no need; no mass of words are equal to the experience.  Join us on a Galapagos yoga adventure and we know you’ll agree…