Paula Rodgers

Paula Rodgers...

I discovered yoga in my 30's when I decided that I needed to learn more about the physical aspects of yoga. Little did I know that there was so much more, the breath, the mindset, the teachings.  Having completed the 200 and 300 hour programs at Yoga Works in Los Angeles, I have now been teaching yoga for over 10 years at Equinox as well as leading workshops and retreats both locally and internationally.

I have studied the physical body for years in school, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physiology followed by a degree in Medicine. I am so grateful to be able to understand how one can incorporate both Western and Eastern medical principles to navigate life. I offer my students guidance and instruction to more thoughtfully understand and appreciate their minds and bodies and how yoga can be an instrument to help one go deeper.

I am a lover of travel and in my eyes, what better way to see the world than to explore it doing what you and I love (yoga that is) with like-minded individuals. Our journey is scheduled and ready to begin.

Be well and see you on the mat.