Micah Walters

Micah Walters is a world-renowned performer and movement coach specializing in marrying the acrobatic movements of gymnastics, dance, and circus arts with the mindful practices of yoga.  Micah’s intimate knowledge of the mechanics of gymnastics and his natural ability to map skills made him a natural at teaching. He coached most notably under Soviet Olympic champion Eduard Azarian at the US Gymnastics Training Center in Aliso Viejo, California.

Eager to dive deeper into fitness, Micah acquired certifications through NASM including Corrective Exercise Specialist and Sports Performance Specialist. Micah also holds a certification in Aerialates, a format that uses aerial conditioning to rehabilitate and strengthen the shoulders and core.  Micah’s intense hybrid background and dedication to fitness and movement mechanics makes him an informed and creative yoga teacher for all levels. Micah studied yoga through the YOGAMAZE school and currently lives and teaches in San Francisco, CA with his partner, Rocky.

You can connect with Micah via his website, Instagram or Facebook.

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