The Expected Unexpected :: Sri Lanka

We see it all the time.  Intrepid yogis and adventure travel enthusiasts commit to a trip with us after having researched options and having done their homework.  By the time they book they know the highlights and how we plan to immerse them in the local culture.  However, language is limited and photos and videos are no substitute for personal experience.

The lovely Dushka Zapata is our case in point.  We let our Sri Lanka travelers know pre-departure that they were going to be picnicking on an island, in the middle of a lake, spying for elephants.  The printed words did not quite convey the crazy power of the expected unexpected.  Arriving home, she published the following on Quora ::

“There is a national park in Sri Lanka where elephants swim by when they get too hot to hide under the trees.

So we picnicked on this rock overlooking the lake, waiting for elephants.

I thought to myself “I am sitting on a rock clear across the world having a picnic and waiting for elephants to swim by.”


When someone tells you something is highly improbable or impossible, take it with a grain of salt.”


Right on Dushka… right on.