The Magical Union of a Yoga Retreat


Our travel yogi Jenniferlyn Chiemingo has taken groups of happy yoga retreaters to Baja, Mexico and the Galapagos Islands and already has plans for many more retreats in the future!


As she starts to think about her upcoming “Costa Rica Eco-Adventure” in October, she shares some of the most memorable moments she’s had on retreat so far – the magical union of a yoga retreat!


galapagos group 1

As I prepare for my next retreat in Costa Rica, I often sit and meditate – thinking about what this new adventure will bring. Each retreat is so unique and often the best parts cannot be planned. Certainly The Travel Yogi creates the best trips (awwww…we love you JL!); organizing the adventures, the yoga, the food and even the amazing locations. But the magic really happens with the people who come together. Friends and strangers uniting in a place they’ve often never been.

In the Galapagos, I was amazed how fast that group came together. We were all in one lodge, sharing the same table for meals and many had never ever kerry and jl double treemet before. The beauty all united though, on the last day of the adventure. We traveled to Bartolemé Island. Beautiful in its own right, but it was the creatures and people who still live in my dreams.

My very best friend came on that adventure and prior to even boarding the plane she told me she had never snorkeled before and was too afraid. After a phone conversation with me, she decided she would take snorkeling lessons. This decision was MOST significant on the last day. In one moment, we were all snorkeling on Bartolemé and swimming with amazing tropical fish, a sting ray, a group of penguins and even a sweet sea lion. I had just paused and lifted my head; the water was up to my chest. I heard screaming and laughing from several students. I waited. Then Kerry, my best friend, popped her head up, crying and said, ‘I am swimming with a SEA LION!’ Then Gail, another student popped up giggling and said, ‘This guy (the sea lion) is so fun!’ This was a life-changing moment that just happened. We all shared it. We are forever connected. (I am going back to Galapagos in March 2015)

In Baja, Mexico I had a tiny group that bonded quickly too. At the beginning of the week, we all signed up for multiple excursions and activities. We chatted long into each night; sometimes staying so long we closed down the kitchen! What was exciting to watch with this group was how close we all became and how much we just wanted to BE TOGETHER. As the week went along, we all cancelled the trips/excursions away from our lodge so we could stay close. We watched whales breeching from our room decks, we practiced my signature Body Prayer workshop in the beautiful Sun Studio, we sat by the pool and took long walks on the beach. All we wanted was to be together, relax and do yoga.

prana del mar group photo

In Costa Rica my goal is connection and adventure together: The best of both worlds. From experience, I know I cannot plan it all – but the group is coming together so wonderfully. I already know I will be besties with the owner of Blue Osa, Aaron. He leads his crew with love. With that love we all will grow, learn, experience and glow. I know it.

happy picTravel Yogi: Jenniferlyn (JL) Chiemengo

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Costa Rica Eco-Escape + Galapagos Grandeur

Offering Joy, Love and Connection (JLC)

Jenniferlyn’s goal is to provide her students with the opportunity to experience genuine Joy, Love and Connection every time they step onto the mat! JL’s yoga teaching style is a creation all her own. Influenced by yoga greats like Shiva Rea and Seane Corn, she is both flowing and grounded. Her classes are joyful, loving, spiritual and inspiring. When you step away from one of her Vinyasa classes, you will feel that you are entering into a better world, more connected to the world and more connected to YOU. She provides loving support to newbies, while challengeing regular practitioners to find new depths in their practices.

JL first experienced yoga in 2000 when she was looking for a way to escape the daily stress from her job as a TV news producer in northern California. That was when yoga started to change her life.

Overcome by the power and benefits of yoga in her own life, JL decided to move her career from the newsroom to the yoga mat in 2002. With curiosity and ambition, she followed her dream and began her training at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health with an emphasis in Integrative Yoga Therapy. JL continued her training with Shiva Rea, embracing Vinyasa yoga. Through Vinyasa, she learned the powerful, energizing and cleansing benefits of linking the breath with movement.

JL is listed E-RYT with Yoga Alliance and has taught for more than 11 years in Seattle. She teaches at national yoga festivals, including Wanderlust California and Northwest Yoga Fest, and leads inspiring and fun yoga retreats in Washington and all over the world. This year, JL will partner with The Travel Yogi to lead retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica, and in 2015 she will head back to the Galapagos Islands. Her intimate getaways will change your life. JL also continues to lead the yoga community as an Ambassador of lululemon athletica and Zico Coconut Water.

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