What Makes a Location ‘Unique’


Wine from grapes pressed just down the street, pineapple that grows on a tree nearby, monkeys flying from branch to branch out your window; these are just a few examples of what a specific location will bring to you. Maybe you wish to visit the red rock beach or swim in the hot springs as you explore the surrounding volcanos in Santorini. Perhaps you’d like to experience the exquisite beauty that is Bhutan, snorkel the crystal clear waters of the Mayan Riviera, or make friends with some flamingos and tortoises as you enjoy the Galapagos Islands.


Exploring this planet is a mind and heart broadening gift each of us would benefit from experiencing. From 7 continents, nearly 200 countries, over 10000 bodies of water, a multitude of climates, a staggering 8.7 million species and 7 billion people, the quest for knowledge, novelty and life-changing moments is a mere hours outside our doors. At The Travel Yogi, it is imperative we select the most extraordinary settings to support the wellness and rejuvenation retreat enthusiasts seek. Here’s why our locations are memorable, compelling and most importantly, unique.


Breath-taking beauty: The lush landscape, crystal clear waters, unusual species of flowers, plants and trees, coupled with exquisite sunrises and sunsets are just a short list of the natural beauty you will encounter while practicing in Bali, Santorini, Maui, Tulum, Galapagos, Belize, Cabo, Aruba and New Zealand. Any of our incredible sites will awaken your senses and ignite your soul. Each location’s architecture and man-made beauty will strike a chord as well, leaving visitors awestruck and forever changed by the artistry they just absorbed.


Wildlife: In the Galapagos Islands, the adorably friendly Sea Lions roam the seas and sands, giant tortoises mate and flamingos frolic. In Bali, they’re ripe with reptiles, rare birds, multiple species of turtles and frogs, water buffalo, monkeys, and all are surrounded by their signature Acacia trees and deciduous forests. Belize is replete with many species, especially marine life. Whether you hike, walk, snorkel or swim, you’ll encounter each location’s specific life and beauty.


Food: A vastly important and almost always unusual treat in any venture around the world, these locations will provide local, seasonal cuisine with natural foods grown from their soil. You’ll feast on juicy tropical fruits, fresh caught fish, dishes made with indigenous spices and flavors, and choose to wash it all down with a local beverage of choice. Ouzo in Santorini? Opa!


Humanity: Observing the sense of community, hearing the language, participating in the ceremonies of these very special locations provides a window in another’s soul, and that glimpse brings each of us closer to understanding the other. Each one of these stunning locations carry within it a tremendous voice and heart, man giving the country its energy and essence. Each country is hospitable, kind, open, humorous and loving. They live and breathe yoga, whether on or off the mat. We’re all better for engaging with each other, in learning from our differences, and connecting through our commonalities.

Life and Earth are beautiful. We are fortunate to inhabit it together. Explore as much as you can. Broaden yourself, deepen your practice, expand your knowledge and palate, and come away renewed. You deserve it.


All About Danielle: Danielle Robinson is Never Not Hungry. A Yoga, travel, food, laughter and life enthusiast, Danielle lived, studied and traveled in Italy for 3 years, and then embarked on her teacher training in New York City with Sonic Yoga. Since, she’s lived and taught in Chicago, stretched, folded and chewed throughout the U.S., and now is thrilled to lend her passion as a writer and teacher to the Travel Yogi. She is stupefied to be alive and grateful to share the gift of Yoga to the world. 

You can find Danielle at You, Me and Yoga Makes 3 on Facebook, on Twitter, and at danieatslife.com!