Why A Regular Vacation Pales in Comparison to a Yoga Retreat


I love to travel. Innately, something in me says: Go! As I type I am fueled with an urge, a gnawing in my gut that seeks exploration. I can only imagine if you’re reading this post, that same enthusiasm lives in you too. Often when I return home from a trip, I’m exhausted; I need a reprieve, a few days to return to normal, to gear myself up for my normal life again. Who knew the be-all-end-all was combining the transformative practice of Yoga with the awe-inspiring experience of travel?

Here’s a few important reasons to spend your very valuable time, energy and money on a Travel Yogi retreat:


Not only will you have the opportunity to practice Yoga with a uniquely awesome teacher(s) more than once a day, you’ll also be gifted the opportunity to walk, hike, climb, surf, paddle, swim, and (equally important) rest amongst the exquisite backdrop that is oceans, mountains, forests, sun and stars.

A major part of my post travel lethargy stems from the heavy, rich foods I choose to indulge in while I’m there. Nearly every retreat to choose from will include 2-3 nourishing meals a day, with options to pepper in some indulgence, should you need any.


Your optimal experience is emphasized. Your teachers, fellow retreaters, and the amazing staff will all be rising and moving with the same intention each day: well- being. Your body will be strengthened, your heart will be inspired, your mind will be restored.

Now, arguably wherever you travel outside of your comfort zone will expand your knowledge and exposure to various cultures, even within the United States. But where the Travel Yogi sets themselves apart is fine-tuning their intelligence and experience of these amazing places before you do. So when you drop your bags, you can drop your effort. You’ll be equipped with skillful and adept guides as you’re informed and entertained during one of many excursions offered.

I’ve been many places, ingested some truly delectable fare and drank with the likes of very interesting locals, but nowhere I’ve gone can even reach the extraordinary spectacle, both nature and man-made, than in the destinations offered through the Travel Yogi. The standard with which TTY chooses locations is detailed and formidable. You’ll be surprised, left in awe, and delighted by the exceptional adventure that awaits.


Same benefits as regular vacations: different language, local cuisine, unusual wildlife, uncommon architecture, political views, religious focuses, and unparalleled history, arts, values and people. Plus, all of the above.

You will sleep well, eat well, move well, perceive well and leave a newer, fresher you. Now that I’ve fallen in love with Yoga, I can’t see traveling any other way. All of your needs are met. Your itinerary is created with care, so you can book it, get excited, pack and leave the rest to the Travel Yogi. It’s an adventure for your senses with the balance of rejuvenation: an ideal way to travel. Don’t hesitate. You live once. You deserve an unusually fantastic vacation. Look no further.


All About Danielle: Danielle Robinson is Never Not Hungry. A Yoga, travel, food, laughter and life enthusiast, Danielle lived, studied and traveled in Italy for 3 years, and then embarked on her teacher training in New York City with Sonic Yoga. Since, she’s lived and taught in Chicago, stretched, folded and chewed throughout the U.S., and now is thrilled to lend her passion as a writer and teacher to the Travel Yogi. She is stupefied to be alive and grateful to share the gift of Yoga to the world. 

You can find Danielle at You, Me and Yoga Makes 3 on Facebook, on Twitter, and at danieatslife.com!