Why We Love to Travel

With extra emphasis on love this month, Valentine’s Day got us thinking about our greatest loves in life. High on the list, of course, is travel.

We’ve fallen head over heels in love with more places than we ever thought possible. From beaches to bookstores, each and every place that we visit has given us the butterflies-in-my-stomach-can’t-get-enough feeling that makes it difficult to leave. Even across language barriers, we fall in love with people and places as we explore and rarely make it home before we start planning for the next trip.


Sound familiar to anyone else? As we reflect, we realize that our love travel has many of the same qualities we find in our closest relationships:

Greatest Teacher

The same as with our closest friends and family members, travel has shaped who we are today. Each time we pack our bags, we know that when we return home from a trip we’ll be slightly different from the lessons we learn on the road. From communication skills to humility, travel has taught us some of the most difficult and most beautiful life lessons we will ever learn.

Falling in Love All Over Again

Whether with a place, or simply with the process, our love is rekindled every time we embark on a new adventure. Have you ever experienced an overwhelming feeling of love and excitement as you stood in a new place? We’ve felt it over and over again – each time we visit Galapagos and find a new adventure, gazing at the sunset on your Portugal yoga bike retreat, tasting your way around Iceland, and always as we’re getting off of the airplane somewhere fresh and new.

Our love for travel keeps us plotting and planning new adventures all over the map.


Travel teaches us patience the same way we learn it from those we love the most. Every time we assume we know exactly how a trip will go, plans are changed and we’re either left in the airport a little longer than planned or without luggage when we arrive home. Through the moments of delays, frustrations, and unexpected challenges, travel has taught us how to be patient. With a few deep breaths and a little extra love in the challenging moments, our patience often leads to greater outcomes than we could ever have possibly imagined – and some of our favorite moments as we’ve traveled.


If we can’t have fun, what exactly is left? As with patience above, taking the travel process too seriously can lead to frustration. Travel teaches us to smile when we aren’t sure where we are, or aren’t sure what the people around us are saying. We’ve learned through travel that laughter during a long plane ride goes a long way, and that taking an unexpected detour is almost always a good idea.

Ready to fall in love with travel all over again?  Where will yoga take you…