Why You Want to Rock Om in Aruba

We asked our newest Travel Yogi, Elizabeth Rowan, to share a little about herself and why she’s excited to “Rock Om in Aruba” October 5 – 10th. Her answer left us ready to pack our mats and bathing suits and head to Aruba to Rock Om with her! Check it out to learn more about Elizabeth, and don’t forget – early bird pricing ends on April 30th, so grab your spot now to save.

So The Travel Yogi team asked me to pen some prose about why I’m so freaking pumped about my Rock Om retreat to Aruba this October. Seriously?! Best assignment ever.

Let’s start here: You’ve just finished a yoga class, and before you’re even upright again after a crazy-good savasana, you feel it creeping in. You know, the yoga high. The all natural, no sugar added, barefoot, blissful I-don’t-even-care-that-I-faceplanted-in-crow-pose-cause-the-world’s-so-beautiful, seemingly substance-induced “I loooooove you” yoga high. That.

And then you remember that your bathing suit is nearby and the catamaran awaits, ready to depart after a mid-morning piña colada. (I know! Total yoga fantasy, right?!) You cruise around, hang out with amazing people from all around the world that are also high on yoga, travel, life, Coppertone fumes. The only “tasks” on your to-do list for the day are deciding when to swim, nap, and climb aboard a paddleboard. You know, before it’s time to replenish your high in your evening yoga class. This cycle continues for days! You feel inspired, rejuvenated, relaxed, reconnected to yourself, to others, to the world, to your practice. And no, this isn’t your third eye deceiving you!

I love how I feel after taking a yoga class, and even more how I feel after I teach one. When students either spring up with newfound energy, ready to leap into their day, or can barely peel themselves off their mat due to such a deep, thorough relaxation. Sharing the endless benefits of yoga that we feel physically, energetically, emotionally with a circle of new friends with equal lust for life in one of the most beautiful locales on the planet? Sounds like a dream. And yet.

I’ve had friends ask with skepticism, “But, can I drink?”, “Do I have to pre-train?”, “What if I like yoga but don’t sleep in mala beads?” For the love, come with me! In brief, heck yes, absolutely not and me either!

Whether or not you’re new to yoga or a lifelong practitioner, are breaking in your first passport or live to explore, consider lifting a beachside cocktail workout enough or are wild for yoga two-a-days, yoga retreats are yours. I provide the yoga and guide you toward inspiration, breakthroughs, the shopping district and the pool bar; Rachel Brathen delivers the how-to of yoga on water; the destination provides an unforgettable setting; The Travel Yogi covers all the details. The best part is that you don’t have to know Sanskrit, bust out a handstand on command or have a guru in India to attend. I hope you’ll join me in Aruba. Five days of seaside yoga, spa, beaching, boating, umbrella drinks and overall Om? All yours. I can’t wait to share it with you.