Yoga Retreats for the Whole Family

Do you ever feel like yoga retreats are for single people who just love yoga? What about those of us who want the option of yoga on our vacation but have a spouse, children or friends who aren’t so interested? If you’re looking for a yoga vacation with plenty of room for, well, vacation, consider taking what we lovingly call a “Beyond Yoga” retreat.

Yoga retreats often offer two or more classes a day, with extra curricular activities and meals planned around the central theme of (you guessed it) yoga. A retreat that goes beyond yoga does the exact opposite. You will have your holiday first, and yoga is be planned around your vacation schedule. “Beyond Yoga” retreats are great for:

  • Couples who want to enjoy time with each other as well as with the mat
  • Families traveling with multiple interests
  • People who can only squeeze one vacation into a year and want the best of both worlds: vacation first, yoga second
We’re gearing up to offer you more flexibility to take your retreats beyond yoga in 2012. If you want to travel abroad but need some time to take it all in instead of seeing only your mat, consider the March 2012 retreat with Kathryn Budig to Queenstown, New Zealand! This retreat offers:
    • Optional yoga twice daily
    • Complimentary breakfasts and dinners, but with the flexibility to abstain from these activities at any point
    • Close and easy access to a number of daily adventures, including:
      • Spa facilities
      • Helicopter tours
      • Wine tasting
      • Fjord cruises
      • Sky diving
      • Horseback riding
      • Mini safaris
      • Bungee jumping
      • Zip lining
      • Canoeing

See, it’s not always all about yoga (but we do love yoga …)