Emily-Clare Hill

Emily-Clare Hill is hugely passionate and ever excited about the practice of movement.  As an experienced international yoga instructor based in London, Emily believes in all qualities and lessons of a yoga practice and tries to incorporate yoga into every aspect of her life.

Balance and Experience are two of Emily’s favorite words and terms she tries to live and teach by. She teaches a fun, dynamic stretchy practice with a fluid and mindful technique.  Her knowledge of anatomy brings a greater technique to her sequencing leaving you connected, ready and content. Emily empowers her students to experience all aspects of the practice and open themselves to their inner, and outer, journey.

Emily is dedicated within the Yoga community and gives her time to support new yoga teachers and mentoring. She is the co-founder of Sunday School Yoga and Mudra Yoga London and lives by her mantra, “once we stop learning we stop living”.

Upcoming Retreats

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