Yoga Adventures

What Are Yoga Adventures?

Yoga adventures with The Travel Yogi are life-changing experiences, focused on adventure and immersion—with dynamic yoga classes as our balancing anchor. While our yoga adventures can and will be many different things, here are two resolute things they always are:

Consciously Crafted

Our yoga adventures are consciously crafted because we know these countries, we know our partners, and we listen to our travelers. We think through the flow, details, and experience for you, the traveler, as well as the impact we have on the local communities and environment. We build relationships and partnerships with locals. All of this amounts to a more local, more authentic, and more impactful journey for our travelers, for our local partners, and for the world we want our kids to be able to explore.

Culturally Immersive

Our yoga adventures are culturally immersive because 1) we seek new and immersive experiences in order to grow and 2) we travel to experience new cultures (to be taught and shown how they do it there, not how we do it here). Respect, humility, and curiosity are the foundation upon which we build each adventure and immerse you, our amazing world travelers (or galactic travelers, if you’re into Yoga Nidra). On our yoga adventures, be ready to learn the words, customs, food, and culture of new places.

Yoga Adventure Destinations

As the Original Yoga Adventure Company, you know our yoga retreats and adventures are on-and-off the mat amazing.  Our handpicked yoga teachers and carefully crafted adventure travel itineraries take you from the mat to the kayak, hiking trail, horseback ride, snorkeling trip, cooking class and on and on.  We’ll show you the best of each location as well as exclusive excursions that only The Travel Yogi can offer.  We’ll go tripping down a hidden alley way in Hoi An for a kung fu class with a local master, bring you into the baby elephant enclosure for hands-on training at the David Sheldrake Elephant Orphanage in Kenya and have you splashing down in crystal clear secret pools in the Galápagos and on and on.

We’re all about having each day begin and end with wellness grounding and making sure that the experiences during the day are all the talk at the dinner table that night and for years to come.  Buzz us or book your next wellness adventure with us to find out why 98% of our travelers say they’ll be back!

Yoga Adventures: The Travel Yogi