Sue B.

"It was a life changing experience . I enjoyed the balance of history, travel, and yoga. My mind was being expanded in multiple venues all at the same time but at a reasonable pace."

Jennifer N.

"...the Panama trip last week exceeded my expectations and was absolutely incredible. The organization was so well done and it was clear that your team puts a lot of research and effort into planning a great retreat for the attendees. I travel quite a bit for work and leisure and this was just extraordinary. One of the best vacations I have ever been on."

Stephanie K.

"Panama was an epic time... Flawless execution!"

Beth S.

"It's hard to say what I enjoyed most, because the trip was so awesome. What made it truly wonderful was the spectacular yoga teacher, Gia Parker, and the spectacular local guide, Tashi. The scenery was magnificent and awe inspiring. The spiritual atmosphere of the entire country is remarkable. The local people are lovely. The accommodations were excellent."

Amanda L.

"The hike to the Tiger's Nest and the yoga - all so amazing! Tashi was a fantastic guide and the hikes to prepare us were beautiful!!!"

Abby D.

"Jen and Courtney are AMAZING when it comes to coordination and communication. I will see you again :)"

Sevonne M.

"Great first experience with The Travel Yogi ... This trip was exactly what I needed!"

Lauren P.

"The location was amazing as well as all yoga and scheduled activities. I did not want to ever leave!"

Suzi S.

"I'm so glad to have travelled with your company. I was so grateful to not have to plan anything except the air travel. You organized a wonderful adventure and I can't thank you enough."

Estelle L.

"Courtney and Jennifer were GREAT about returning email and patiently answering an infinite number of questions...The trip was truly greater than anything I could have imagined!"

Toni G. Panama Yoga Adventure with Debbi Murphy

"I was impressed with how smooth the reservations were handled and I had no glitches at all. I especially appreciated the promptness of the drivers to and from the airport. As a woman traveling alone I felt safe and taken care of. Thank you for an amazing experience."

Liz H. Galapagos Yoga Adventure with Ame Wren

"I felt SO well-prepared for this trip. I didn't worry about anything. Jen is super responsive. Thanks Travel Yogi! I will definitely be back!"

Holly W. Kenya Yoga Safari with JL Chiemingo

"I have been planning on going on a safari for 30 years and this was as incredible as I have ever imagined, and then some. Having yoga classes in some really cool & exotic locations was also fantastic...The trip was absolutely amazing."

Kat F. Kenya Yoga Safari with JL Chiemingo

"The attention to detail was more than I could have imagined... I knew I'd seem incredible animals. I didn't know I'd love the people we met along the way as much as I did. It was sad leaving each location because we formed friendships! The people were my favorite part."

Susanne S. Panama Yoga Adventure with Gioconda

"The group could not have been better. To be able to meet people from all over the country that are on the same wavelength and got along as good as we did was really special ... The "city" time at the beginning and end was perfect, too, as a great way to transition in and out of the country. The overall blending beach, jungle, historical and city experiences into one week made this a perfect full Panama experience. Really well planned!"

Merav S. Panama Yoga Adventure with Gioconda

"Honestly, I went on a retreat last year that I thought was the best trip ever I had taken for myself. Then this trip blew the last one out of the water. It was the people... I met such wonderful new friends and then Gia, who was just amazing. And the location was gorgeous, with abundant nature and adventure around every corner. This trip fulfilled all my desires - spiritual exploration, sense of community, adventure, beauty, relaxation, physical wellness and more. This trip was one I'll always remember, one that left me richer in spirit, mind, body and heart. Thank you!"

Karla S. Kenya Yoga Safari with JL Chiemingo

"I enjoyed that everything was arranged for me, the logistics were all worked out, things had been organized in advance - the private tour of an elephant orphanage really a treat - the details of the transfers/pick ups/air travel - wow, I am in hospitality and I have to say that all of these details were executed so well and made for a fantastic travel experience in that all I had to do was be shuffled around and not worry about anything except enjoy - this was first class and done to level that was most impressive!! ...HATS off to you for an exceptional TRIP!!!!"

Rebecca D. Panama with Gioconda

"The catamaran trip in Bocas was absolutely fantastic. Everything was planned well and the trip suggestions were spot-on. I can't complain about anything, this was a fantastic trip!"

Rachel W Bhutan with Erica Jung

"Each of our 3 hotels went above and beyond my expectations and I'm sure we got the best guide in the entire country. I was nervous because the trip was so involved but The Travel Yogi was so helpful and quick to respond when I emailed questions. Thank you!"

Roger N. Bhutan with Erica Jung

"Bhutan was beyond amazing, it's beauty can't be imagined. This is my fourth trip with Travel Yogi; Galapagos with Liz Arch, Iceland with Elizabeth Rowan, Kenya with Liz Arch and now Bhutan with Erica Jung. Travel Yogi is easy to deal with and I trust that the accommodations will always be top notch, I haven't been disappointed yet. The yoga is always equally spectacular as well, I enjoy getting personal instruction from A-list instructors. They have all been a treat. I can't think of a better way to see the world and have made great friends on every trip. I can't wait to start planning my next adventure to Vietnam and Cambodia! My wife and I love The Travel Yogi!"

Sharon L. France with Shannon Algeo

"Shannon's guidance with each yoga session was always on target for our needs - the chateau and it's staff were amazing; the food and wine a treat beyond expectations; the location breathtaking; the tours incredibly enjoyable and enlightening... The Travel Yogi has always done an incredible job in packaging the tours I have so far enjoyed. Yes, I will be looking at their other offered destinations :-)"

Tiffany C. France with Shannon Algeo

"Shannon was so in tune with everyone's needs during any given class!! He was present and the question were perfect! This trip was amazing and beautiful and well planned. It couldn't have been better! Just the over all simpleness and beauty of it all. It was peaceful and fun and invigorating and just amazing..."

Erin H. France with Alexa Silvaggio

"Love The Travel Yogi and look forward to more adventures."

Samantha M. Mayan Riviera with Gustavo Padron

"Everyone from my drivers to Gustavo was immediately inviting and I never once felt out of place ... This was my first traveling experience and I am already looking into more trips with The Travel Yogi. I could not think of a better experience or a better way to travel."

Crystal L. Santorini with Elizabeth Rowan

"I would highly recommend this trip and/or another trip with The Travel Yogi and especially with Elizabeth!

Everything was spelled out with so much detail that I for the first time in my life packed light and had exactly what I needed. There was no guessing! Wonderful!

Elizabeth is so down to earth, genuine, heartfelt. She is the real deal. Grateful to know her.

The sailing excursion was um, how do I say... beyond belief! Ah! Thank you :]"

Denise A. Mayan Riviera with Debbi Murphy

"Everything was beyond expectation. Cannot fault a thing.

Debbi was wise, kind, strong, fun and inspiring. She is all things you want in a yoga teacher.

Despite my changing email addresses three times leading up to departure (apologies)... You always tracked me down and responded with patience :)"

Lindsey M. Santorini with Elizabeth Rowan

"Loved the meditation part of yoga. As a new yogi, there was a lot I couldn't do, but thanks to Elizabeth, I never felt judged."

Cheryl H. Santorini with Elizabeth Rowan

"Jen and Courtney made booking my trip so easy. They were so helpful, answering all my questions and making sure I understood everything and was well-informed. The Travel Yogi staff is amazing!

Rocabella Santorini- words can't express how AMAZING the staff is at this hotel. They were friendly, helpful and so sweet! Everyone was amazing, from the van driver who taught us about the area, to the bartender to the restaurant staff to the sweet ladies at the front desk. Everyone was fantastic. The view from the hotel was the best and it's central location was prime for exploring!

The sailing excursion was the best. The staff at Santorini Sailing were so wonderful. They definitely showed us a good time, fed us well and made sure we were comfortable and safe. It was so great.

Elizabeth's attention to your needs and concerns about your yoga practice is a 10 on a scale of 1-10. She is open to teaching you new things and is very helpful for helping you at whatever yoga practice level you are on. She is fantastic!

I enjoyed the whole experience. With this being my first trip internationally and my first yoga retreat, I was so blown away by Elizabeth and her knowledge, the amazing ladies on the trip and how easy Jen and Courtney made everything!

Please keep being your amazing, wonderful selves! If I can ever help out or volunteer to assist with making The Travel Yogi experience as wonderful for others, as it was for me, I would love to!"

Cheryl H. Santorini with Elizabeth Rowan

"I enjoyed the whole experience. With this being my first trip internationally and my first yoga retreat, i was so blown away by Elizabeth and her knowledge, the amazing ladies on the trip and how easy Jen and Courtney made everything! The Travel Yogi staff is amazing!

Elizabeth's attention to your needs and concerns about your yoga practice is a 10 on a scale of 1-10. She is open to teaching you new things and is very helpful for helping you at whatever yoga practice level you are on. She is fantastic!"

Kristina K. Santorini with Elizabeth Rowan

"The gorgeous scenery, the connections + life-long friendships ... Elizabeth is an incredible person and yoga teacher. We had all levels in our classes and she did an exceptional job keeping the classes accessible to everyone."

Amber R. Santorini with Elizabeth Rowan

"I wish I could have stayed forever. The bond that I shared with these women was beyond. My heart was soo full when I left the island. I am eternally grateful for the relationships that Elizabeth and The Travel Yogi helped establish. I had flight issues and The Travel Yogi and Elizabeth stayed with me and communicated with me every step of the way. I truly felt as though they cared. They even got me a cake for my birthday! I felt soo loved and appreciated. What an amazing way to bring in my 30th!!!"

Cindy C. Santorini with Elizabeth Rowan

"This was the best vacation I have EVER had and I look forward to doing it again each year ... The Travel Yogi demonstrates a sincere interest in the comfort and ease of traveling for yogi guests ... I will definitely plan another adventure as long as Elizabeth Rowan is leading our group!! She did a great job!! I am eager to see where she heads next year!!

There was nothing about this trip that I can say was a negative. It was the very best!"

Kathryn M. Mayan Riviera with Debbi Murphy

"This was a great trip, and I would definitely consider a trip with The Travel Yogi again! Debbi was a great instructor, and the other people on the trip were great. There was a good balance of excursions and relaxation time. The food was amazing! I think that the trip is actually a pretty good deal, given that it includes most of your food, transfers, hotel, yoga, etc...and there is no planning required of the traveler!

I enjoyed the relaxation, yoga, and meeting new people."

Jesse M. Mayan Riviera with Debbi Murphy

"There was a nice balance of excursions and free time so people could do whatever they wanted during the day.

Was great to have Yayo teach the cooking class because it was simple and useful. He was very attentive to us and did a great job with his recipes and presentation."

Nicole D. Mayan Riviera with Debbi Murphy

"Debbi was beyond fantastic. We had people of all levels in our retreat and she was able to accommodate everyone's levels. She has so much knowledge and was able to share that with us. She is also just very calming and easy to be around. I very much enjoyed her as an instructor and travel companion.

The 2nd cenote which was about 30-40 minutes away with the cliff jumping was amazing.

Our guides and drivers were amazing. They really went out of their way to be customer service oriented.

Fiona C. Breathtaking Bhutan with Alexa Silvaggio

"Enthusiastic and helpful yoga teacher. Listened to the group and tailored accordingly.

Locations showed different parts of the country, which was nice (e.g., city vs. countryside).

Wonderful hikes. Visiting local schools, houses and monasteries. Unique experience which will be very memorable.

Would recommend using the same guide as he was able to organize some pretty cool stuff for us outside the itinerary. He was also knowledgeable and approachable. The driver was friendly and informative too."

Carolyn G. Breathtaking Bhutan with Alexa Silvaggio

"[Alexa] is the reason I started coming on these trips and she continuously raises the bar."

Stacy O. Breathtaking Bhutan with Alexa Silvaggio

"No need to tell you how amazing Alexa is but I am happy to sing her praises. She made us all feel special and loved and allowed me to deepen my practice in this awesome setting (I especially adored the outdoor sessions in Punakha). She's such a gem!

In general, accommodations better than expected in this LDC, and the service was awesome -- friendly, attentive and accommodating without fail.

It was a packed program, allowing for virtually no down time, but I would not have wanted it any other way as there is so much to see and experience in breathtaking Bhutan. And you absolutely MUST retain Tashi Phuntsho as a The Travel Yogi guide -- he is not only extremely knowledgeable about his country (history, traditions, culture, politics, trends, etc.), but also a compassionate, generous person who never hesitated to fill all of our random requests and meet all of our needs, and always with his huge, heartwarming smile!

So very many aspects of it were life-affirming and awe-inspiring. I'm really very grateful that it was so much more than a yoga retreat as the Himalayan culture and hiking cannot be missed!"

Tamara A. Mayan Riviera with JL Chiemingo

"It was the first vacation I've had in a long time where I actually felt like I had a vacation. I felt like I was on a vacation high for days after coming back. It was everything you would expect to get out of a yoga retreat and more.

JL is incredible. It was the perfect balance of PV in the mornings and chill practice in the afternoons. Couldn't have been better."

Carrie G. Mayan Riviera with JL Chiemingo

"Going to the Mayan village was a really incredible experience. It was also really neat to swim with the sea turtles.

It was a great balance of adventurous activities and plenty of leisure time. I felt challenged, relaxed, and rejuvenated at the end of the week."

Stacy V. Mayan Riviera with JL Chiemingo

"JL is exceptional! I am SO thankful that I've found her. Each and every class was spot on and just exactly what I needed in my practice. Sometimes, with other teachers, I've found myself tuning out or predicting the next move ready for the class to be over. Not one single time did this happen with JL. She is truly amazing.

The food was really awesome! I was a little hesitant about the vegetarian fare and no alcohol policy. I honestly didn't miss it (meat/alcohol) much and there were plenty of bars within walking distance. The staff was very friendly and accommodating and I enjoyed them. Marcela and Andres were really personable and accommodating."

Kat F. Mayan Riviera with JL Chiemingo

"JL seriously MADE this retreat happen for me. I've only been practicing yoga for about a year...and after I expressed interest in a retreat, she encouraged me to do one. I didn't know anyone besides her going - and I realize now that that's very normal on retreats - but for me, that was super scary and out of the norm for me! JL was so amazing and encouraging leading up to the retreat. She introduced me to people in class who'd also be going. She's just so positive and awesome! On the retreat- she was so accessible...hung out with us, gave us so much advice and really was just one of the group! I loved every moment of the trip and was so grateful to be there! It seriously was the best experience I've ever had!

Casa Om was SO AMAZING! The managers were so helpful always, and the rooms were great! The chef staff was seriously the best. I loved everything about it!!

Our tour guide, Marcella, could not have been better. She was so energetic and personable...and you could tell she really loved what she does! She was so involved.. the excursions were awesome~!~

Every time I had a question about anything, it was either already listed, or it was SO fast to get a response via email. I loved that!! I felt so great and confident in everything leading into the retreat. Thank you for being so great on that!

The group was truly amazing. Everyone was so nice, relaxed, friendly...just glad to be there! The location, resort...staff...amazing. I loved every second!"

Holly W. Mayan Riviera with JL Chiemingo

"I honestly had the most amazing, life-changing experience on this retreat and JL was the driving factor behind that. Her voice corrections and ability to read the room and still keep an eye on the individual is amazing. Personally, she is warm, caring and her passion for yoga beyond just the 'body stuff' has changed the way I see yoga and myself - she's had such an impact on me. Being one of only three attendees who didn't know JL beforehand - I'm amazed at the close connection she built with me in a only a week with another 11 yogis there feeling the same!

Marcella, our Eco Tours guide, is the best guide I have come across in my tours all over the world - very knowledgeable, passionate about her country and the Mayan people (especially with her work with the villages all over). Overall, everything (including Andres the driver) was amazing and thought through.

The response time was super fast and Courtney answered all my questions beyond the usual yoga retreat Qs - and was super pleasant, knowledgeable and all her answers were considered based on what she'd learned about me and what I would most like/need. Something I'm not at all used to (maybe an Australian thing!) but it made all the difference.

Everything was set up so well that it encouraged great practice and then lots of opportunities to get to know the group beyond the usual small talk - JL's influence was a huge factor in that of course, plus the organized tours and the regular times to eat together and hang out.

I feel very lucky that I stumbled upon The Travel Yogi - I got a personal recommendation to check out the online videos on Gaiam and from there stumbled on the retreats page! This was a perfect coincidence of the location I wanted, at the time I wanted (my birthday!). The written testimonials and professionalism of the Travel Yogi site pushed me to book (and the motivating notice that there weren't many spaces left!) I'll be sure to recommend to friends in Australia and the U.K. - as it was the absolute perfect way to turn 30!"

Jennifer B. Mayan Riviera with JL Chiemingo

"I have always had great dealings with everyone through The Travel Yogi website.

I enjoyed the instructor the most from this trip. JL is inspirational and has helped and brought together so many people. She is amazing at what she does and is such an asset to The Travel Yogi."

Roger N. Primal Yoga African Safari with Liz Arch

"Liz is fabulous, this was my second trip with her. She does some mini-workshops that help you learn the more advanced poses. I can't get this level of instruction at home, so it is always a treat to get to spend the week with Liz. She's awesome!"

Laura S. Primal Yoga African Safari with Liz Arch

"Among The Travel Yogi and other comparative yoga safari retreats, I hands down had the best experience working with Jen at The Travel Yogi. I can't thank Jen enough for her insightful consideration and help in the process. I am impressed with the research and selection of organizations, hotels, and partners. I am a big advocate for responsible travel and was so excited to be a part of a life-changing adventure that supports environmental and conservation efforts.

Every day felt like a dream. I am so thankful I took pictures that pinch myself and remind me this experience was real! I signed up for this trip by myself and left with newfound friendships in my fellow yogis and with our guides and hosts at each stay. Thank you! On top of the astounding, breathtaking experience, this made the cost of the trip worth every single penny and more!"

Gordon O. Primal Yoga African Safari with Liz Arch

"The locations were out of this world. Our hosts were incredibly attentive to our needs. My favorite location was the Sosian Lodge, but Naboisho was unbelievable.

The game drives were like being in National Geographic videos. Our guides (especially Jackson, but all of our guides - Simon and Lukas stand out) were amazing in explaining the wildlife, their behaviors and being able to take us to the spots where we would get the best action. Lukas' and Jackson's narrative as the lion chase drama unfolded was astonishing.

We had creative places to do yoga in that were breathtaking. The school visit and the elephant orphanage visit were standouts."

Anonymous Panama Wild Awake Yoga Retreat with Alison Bernasco

"Alison is such a sweet teacher to be around and really inspiring!

The location of Sansara resort is amazing and the people who work there were really nice! Alison is a great teacher and I really enjoy her classes.
This whole trip was perfect, I enjoyed every second there!"

Devin G. Panama with Alison Bernasco

"Alison made this trip so magical. I could not have asked for a better getaway. It was so needed and I think everyone took something they needed out of the experience. Alison is a goddess and I would be happy to travel and do yoga with her anywhere!!

I really enjoyed being able to step out of my comfort zone and dare to do more things. This was an amazing adventure and Alison seriously was such a huge part in that. She is amazing!!

Everything was super thorough and I am so pleased with how organized everything was.

Perfect location and staff at Sansara. I want to go back every year."

Sharon L. Iceland with Shannon Algeo

"This trip was a wonderful experience, mostly due to the fabulous guidance of Shannon. Could not have hoped for a better leader - His kindness, spirituality, openness, knowledge, inclusiveness, yoga training and just great sense of fun made this trip a pure and wonderful delight!

The instructor, those who made up our group, the hotel, the activities included (especially the BLUE LAGOON - OMG!), the location and the people of Iceland - all magical!

LOVED all activities included - and ALL the guides were simply wonderful. The activity schedule was nicely paced.

It was a great location with accessibility to all areas of the city. I would recommend it to friends thinking of traveling to Iceland.

Oh yes, I would do it all again!"

Taman K. Bali with Sarah Ezrin

"[Sarah] did an excellent job of bringing the emotional and spiritual elements into the practice.

Staff were amazing. Accommodations better than expected. Beautiful location and environment. Great food. Details attended to. Very service minded people - hard to find that in North America."

Terri T. Panama w Sean Gray

"Both the Bristol and Sansara were fabulous hotels with great accommodations, outstanding staff and incredibly pleasant atmospheres. Sansara provided one of the best places to do yoga I've ever experienced!

You guys do a great job of keeping us informed before, during and after! You are incredibly responsive and helpful, both of which are very appreciated!

The group vibe was wonderful, Sansara is an amazing and incredibly special place and Panama is one of the coolest countries I've ever visited.

This was another amazing experience from The Travel Yogi! "

Suzanne K. Baja w Mark Molitnero

"Mark Moliterno is truly unbelievable. My week of practicing and learning with Mark was truly life-changing for me. I knew going in that his Yoga Voice program was going to be different than your typical yoga workshop, but really had not idea how profound his program would change me.

Mark is extremely knowledgeable and imparting information during his classes was very detailed and easy to follow. Working with our breath, bodies and voice was more impactful than any yoga class I've ever taken. The integration and changes that happened as we learned to add specific sounds to our practice was so exciting. Everyone in the class evolved in some way as the week progressed. His way of teaching is fun, very informative, interactive, peaceful and strengthening and for me personally, an awakening.

Mark was available for any questions or just feedback. He is wonderful. His program is very unique. I loved every minute of it.

Prana del Mar did everything above and beyond excellent. There is not one thing that I feel they need to improve upon.

One day for an excursion, we went for lunch at an amazing place for a farm-to-table experience. The Flora Farms trip is not to be missed. I would have done it more than once if there was time. Beautiful experience."

Colleen P. Baja w Mark Molitnero

"Mark is compassionate, knowledgeable, gifted teacher and practical in his application of knowledge on all levels--physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual.

I've never had better food in my life and my husband, who was worried about the 'vegetarian' food, said he would eat this diet if the food was this good. The staff were attentive, genuine, kind and friendly.

We watched whales tail slap, breech, and spout while doing yoga. There were many kinds of birds and wild life to constantly observe.

The Masseuse was a lifesaver--intuitive, kind and talented. Saved me from getting sore muscles.

Everything was meticulously clean, which I so appreciated. I've never stayed at a place kept so pristine.

So great that snorkeling and sea kayaking were included as part of the trip. It was amazing and the guides were wonderful. Learned a lot in the cooking class--so glad that was offered. So many choices of things to do --could not do it all, so will have to return every year for years to come! This location was a fabulous choice. Thanks for choosing it for us.

The staff were very helpful and friendly--made me feel excited about the experience, gave positive energy through their interactions. Thanks so much!

The cost was very reasonable for what was provided and I am grateful for that. Please continue to promote Yoga Voice and offer it for years to come. I am coming back and will invite my friends and family. You're all very awesome! Thank you again!!!"

Michele H. Panama w Vytas

"Vytas teaches a very challenging class, and I loved it. His sequencing was extremely intelligent and prepared us for the more advanced poses.

Sansara was amazing! One of my favorite yoga retreats ever, and I've been to many. Loved the location. It's so nice to have some local folks in the vicinity, and some other restaurants/bars.

My room was beautiful. Bed was super comfy! Bathroom was luxurious. Loved my shower! Loved the yoga palapa! I love practicing by the beach! Layout of the rest of the retreat was so comfortable and intuitive. Loved it.

Jen - you do an amazing job!!! So smart, and you always go above and beyond! Really appreciate all of your support while I was struggling to figure out my flights. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Megan R. Baja with Mia Togo & Patti Quintero

"This was the best vacation we have ever taken. Everything about it was above and beyond our expectations. Really life-changing. Thank you!!!"

Robin R. Baja with Mia Togo & Patti Quintero

"This trip went beyond my expectations. The yoga, the location, the food, the ease of The Travel Yogi... the total package. Was I in heaven?"

Sebastian B. Panama w Vytas Dec 2015

"Vytas really made this an exceptional experience not only as a yoga instructor but as an inspiring human being and leader. From challenging us inside the yoga room to assigning each one with a secret yogi as a way to connect selflessly with one another and also enhancing the group dynamic with games and meaningful conversation.

Exceeded expectations in every level. Besides the dream location and the outstanding yoga classes, the connection between the group of people that were part of this trip took the energy and experience of the retreat to a whole other level."

Daniel W. Panama w Vytas Dec 2015

"[Vytas] was great. Would exclusively do his retreats in the future.

And the accommodations were top notch. I also really enjoyed the food.

Can't wait to do Vytas' next trip. We want to time it with our honeymoon."

Baya G. Tuning In & Giving Thanks Mexican Riviera w Erica Jung Nov 2015

"Erica's physiology knowledge will be hard to be matched by anyone. This translates into very sophisticated detailed classes. Her roundedness with other alternative healing methods, combined with her physiology and yoga sequencing knowledge and her natural leadership and charisma, puts her in a league of her own."

Fiona C. Panama w Alexa Silvaggio Nov 2015

"[Alexa was a] fantastic teacher, very inclusive of all abilities yet able to allow progression.

I went fishing and the local guides were amazing - they were very helpful and friendly and I always felt safe with them."

Rachel D. Tuning In & Giving Thanks Mexican Riviera w Erica Jung Nov 2015

"Wonderful classes! She takes the time to make sure each person is getting the most out of every single class. Challenging for the ones the want it and offers modifications for the ones that need it. Best instructor I've ever had ?

I have a food allergy that the staff and chefs gave extra care to and made the experience that much more enjoyable and worry free.

Details are extremely important to me so The Travel Yogi exceeds expectations with letting me know every detail about the trip. I recommend The Travel Yogi to anyone because of how secure I feel with how transparent everything is"

Katherine T. Tuning In & Giving Thanks Mexican Riviera w Erica Jung Nov 2015

"Erica was amazing. She's a great teacher with an great outlook on life and yoga. It was a great week learning from her.

It was a great week with good weather. It was nice to get some winter sun. The activities were great, especially the cenotes which were truly something special."

Carolyn G. Panama w Alexa Silvaggio Nov 2015

"Alexa exceeds expectations on all levels. Her classes are exactly what the group needs. She is brilliant at reading the energy of the room and responding accordingly. She also has a beautiful way of manifesting class to meet the needs of all levels in the room, which I would imagine is not easy. She is BRILLIANT!"

Kerri L. Panama w Alexa Silvaggio Nov 2015

"I loved Alexa! She was great and non judgmental and really supportive if you wanted to learn something new. Her music was modern and hip, which I liked!"

Ruth H. Mexican Riviera w Erica Jung Nov 2015

"[Erica] was so amazing, I'm definitely trying to save up for her next retreats! I am addicted to these trips now!

I'm not a vegetarian normally but the food was delicious. I tried to make Edwardo come back home with me 🙂

Loved having days off where we weren't driving four hours of the day.

Dina K. Reset & Refresh Retreat w Mia Togo & Patti Quintero Sept 2015

"Without question this is one of the top get-aways of my life. Mia and Patti in collaboration to conduct mind-body-soul yogi experiences has me convinced I must schedule more retreats!"

Padhia A. Galapagos Yoga Retreat with Liz Arch

"This was the most amazing trip of my life. First, Jen at The Travel Yogi made every step of the way in booking the trip and my airfare so easy ... She was unbelievably knowledgeable, helpful and eased all my fears. The way this retreat is structured is spectacular. The excursions every day, all day long- and the blend of yoga in the morning and the evening was perfect. I was terrified to leave the US and go to this tiny place so far away, but I am so glad that I did, it was truly life changing and I highly recommend this trip for everyone!! Thank you Jen and Courtney!!!

Gordon O. Embody Your Body Mexican Riviera w Alexa Silvaggio May 2015

"Three weeks ago i returned home from the “Embody Your Body” yoga retreat with Alexa Silvaggio at Casa Om. The warmth of the Mexican Riviera (Puerto Morelos) and the warmth of memories of new friends still fills me.

From pickup at the Cancun airport to dropoff a week later this was a pleasure. Well-organized, awesome yoga with Alexa Silvaggio, great food and accommodations at Casa Om, snorkeling and swimming in fresh water cenotes, snorkeling with sea turtles, visiting Mayan ruins at Tulum, the week was magical and seemed to fly by too soon. The first day i was trying to figure out how i would ever remember everyone’s name, by the end of the week i realized i would never forget anyone in our wonderful group.

Great job by the TravelYogi for putting this all together so that all we had to do was show up and play. Thank you, TravelYogi, Thank you Alexa Silvaggio ! Okay, i’m ready for my next adventure with you now. Where are we going next ?"

Karina L. Mexican Riviera with Alexa Silvaggio

"You did an amazing job of creating a wonderful and unique experience and I really loved it... The people on our retreat were so great and w so much going on w the Gaiam shoot... I was impressed w the seamlessness of the yoga, meals, excursions, pick ups etc!!

I have loved both my Travel Yogi trips this year so much and I just wanted to make sure you knew that!"

Cindy V.W. Pure Bliss Santorini with Adri Kyser May 2015

"Again, I would like to tell you how much we loved the retreat. Everything was perfect...the location, the hotel and staff, the women (and men!) who were a part of our group....I could go on and on. You [Adri] were fabulous! You challenged me to move beyond what I thought was possible for myself at this time and we succeeded! I understand so much more about myself than I did before. Where this knowledge will lead...who knows! "

Denise R. Resolution Retreat Baja with Alexa Silvaggio Jan 2015

"Katie and I just returned home last night and I wanted you to know we had an amazing time! The resort was amazing, the food delicious, instructor Alexa wonderful, and all the people were really nice! Needless to say we are hooked ! I hope to experience more retreats. Please continue to send me info on any and all of your retreats!
Thank you!"

Kathleen A. New Year, New You Retreat w Elise Joan & Danika Brysha Dec 2014

"Just want to send a note to say how amazing Danika and Elise were! They are so positive and encouraging, and the trip was absolutely amazing. Elise is hands down the BEST yoga instructor I have ever had, and Danika was born to be a coach. They are both such inspirational people. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to attend and cannot say enough wonderful things about the two of them, and about our whole group. They made everyone feel so comfortable and supported, and most of all, we had a ton of fun. LOVED this experience!!! Thanks!"

Nelda L. Eco-Retreat w Jenniferlyn Cheimingo Oct 2014

"Being fairly new to yoga & only practicing regularly for over 1 year, JL has set the bar high. This was my very first yoga retreat and I'm blessed to have found her through The Travel Yogi. Thank you to The Travel Yogi for being so thorough in preparation for this retreat! How could I not book with The Travel Yogi again? Namaste!"

Heather J. Galapagos with Jen Prugh & Rebecca Bara

"I just want to say that Jen was so instrumental in making this incredible journey to the Galapagos Islands a smooth one. The travel to the Galapagos Islands was an adventure in itself. It was an incredible time in the Galapagos Islands. It is a place where the unusual becomes the usual; and the exotic is extremely common.

Thank-you to all staff members of The Travel Yogi in planning such outrageous experiences."

Maureen K. Galapagos with Jen Prugh & Rebecca Bara

"This trip was one of the best of my life! I loved the pace, the people, the place, all of it was perfect! The tours were great. I loved being busy and seeing so much of the islands. Wish I could have seen even more. Thanks for all your great planning, it really showed."

Katie D. Full Moon, Midnight Sun Iceland Retreat w Elizabeth Rowan July 12-18, 2014

"If I could hire Jen Hoddevik from The Travel Yogi to be my personal travel agent/life organizer, it would be worth whatever amount of money it cost! Iceland was my fourth retreat with The Travel Yogi, and exactly as it was in all previous trips, every detail was handled by Jen and her expert staff. I didn't have to worry for a second once from the point I arrived at the airport and saw the driver holding a sign with my name until he brought me back there almost a week later. The excursions were first rate-all we had to do was show up for the bus-and the cost of the trip was extremely reasonable with all of the meals, yoga and sights it included. Yoga with Elizabeth Rowan was perfect to start our day and wind down our evenings. "

Gordon O. Full Moon, Midnight Sun Iceland Retreat w Elizabeth Rowan March 16-22, 2014

"I just got back from my 4th yoga retreat with The Travel Yogi. This one was to Reykjavik Iceland. Elizabeth Rowan is a treasure. She did a great job of paying attention to the desires of the group and shaping our events to meet the desires of 15 different people. We were 16 strangers at the beginning of the week and left feeling like friends for life. Magic. All this is painstakingly put together by The Travel Yogi team. I can’t wait for the next adventure."

Christy D. Pura Vida! Costa Rica with Elise Joan May 10-17, 2014

"Thanks for your note 🙂 I returned home covered in bites, scrapes, burns... but mainly a heavy heart because it was such an amazing trip!!! You and Jen run an amazing company and I could not be more grateful. Blue Osa was beyond beautiful, and it was the first time I found myself amongst likeminded people with the kindest souls. Lots of adventure, facing fears, reflection...I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Eternally grateful for all of this, and for you and Jen handling everything so well and professionally. It is because of The Travel Yogi that my life is so enriched and I continue to be inspired. So much more than yoga. But of course, it serves as a pretty awesome springboard into the future! Hope you, too, are well and will soon be experiencing some of the fruits of your labor! Please share my honest love, truth and blessings with Jen and any other yogis who helped get me there! Where did yoga take me?! To the edge of my mind and beyond 😉 Now if I could just get past this "reality" thing lol..."

Matthew M. Full Moon Magic Retreat with Elizabeth Rowan March 16-22, 2014

"Travel Yogi’s “Costa Rica Full Moon Magic Retreat” with Elizabeth Rowan was, quite simply, the best week of my life.

Regarded very highly by the locals, the Blue Osa resort facilities were an ideal match for the retreat. The lush and well-laid out grounds were beautifully kept, the accommodations far exceeded my expectations, the food was phenomenal, and the staff on-hand at Blue Osa were all at once impeccably professional and very personable. The excursions offered were all very interesting and exciting, and affordable. The locale, in concert with the wonderfully talented, comprehensive and good-humored yoga instruction provided by Elizabeth Rowan made for a truly unforgettable week...

I am truly grateful for the retreat that The Travel Yogi brought in to my life, and highly recommend both Elizabeth Rowan and Costa Rica for future retreats. I cannot overstate how wonderful and unforgettable the experience was."

Rebecca S. New Year's Yoga Celebration with Kathryn Budig

"I had such an amazing time on this retreat. The place was magical and everything was truly perfect. I can't think of a better start to the new year."

Nicole G. Galapagos Manifestation Retreat with Jen Pastiloff Nov 23-30, 2013

"The trip was truly so amazing. I can't thank you enough for making it possible and for allowing me to join in on the fun. Hands down, the Galapagos Islands are are the coolest place(s) I've ever been. I am so very happy that I joined this adventure."

Gail P. Galapagos Yoga Retreat with Annie Carpenter Oct 2013

"Our experience was terrific and Liz could not have been a better rep for your organization. All of the excursions were great and I loved the staff, boat, food, environment, and activities!

I felt very fortunate to have such a lovely group of people as part of our Galapagos family!"

Anne H. Rock Om Aruba w Elizabeth Rowan Oct 2013

"Just a note to tell you how wonderful the Aruba Travel Yogi trip was- it totally exceeded my expectations. Elizabeth Rowan was a fantastic leader and yoga teacher, she was inspiring and fun. We had such a great group and I really enjoyed everyone I met. I'm sure Elizabeth will lead many a successful trips - it was such a natural fit for her. Elizabeth rocks :)"

Vishal H. Rock Om Aruba w Elizabeth Rowan Oct 2013

"Elizabeth Rowan is a great Yoga Teacher. Period. That's it. Nothing more to say. No seriously....Alright...I will say more....I got to know her through a Yoga retreat that she led. It was an amazing life changing experience for me. For the first time in my life, I relaxed. And her yoga classes were a big part of that experience. Every morning as I walked up to the pavilion I saw her sitting at the hotel restaurant, writing and concentrating on her class prep, with her gallon size jar of coffee, focusing intently on how to make the morning class better than the previous one, for her students. This kind of dedication and focus makes her one of the better teachers today. In this world of faux Yoga gurus with all the fads and the theories and the brands, she keeps it simple. She gets the right balance, between the traditional (like Sanskrit mantras and bhajans) and the modern eclectic (funkhedelic and psychedelic rock) with a little bit of fusion thrown in for good measure. The retreat had a rocking fast paced class in the morning and a gentle restorative class in the evening. It was a perfect workout - both mind and body. As it should be. Balanced.

I am from India..and I wish I had her for a teacher growing up. She even knows a little Sanskrit. Respect. In fact her grasp of the sutras makes me think she was an Indian Yogini in her previous life, living in the forest, imparting gyan (knowledge). She has been re-incarnated as the Elizabeth avatar (thankfully not with blue skin) to teach Yoga. If you are looking for the right blend of a meditative, spiritual and physical class, Elizabeth is the one you should be going to. I know I am. Because that is the true essence of Yoga. Balance. And she is the true essence of a yoga teacher. Balanced.

And what do I say about her assists. They did me right. With all the crackling and popping thrown in. There are some who will touch you lightly, or pull your sockets out but Elizabeth works on the vertebrae (or so I felt). She does not mess around. And I love that. My body felt better, energized and ready to go. She's a cool yogini y'all. Like the goddess Saraswati, she will play the harmonium and impart knowledge. She knows her (pardon my french) merde ! and I can't wait to take her classes again. She is the Dhamaka (da bomb).

Om Shanti Om."

Lee S. Mukti Teacher Training Bali with Julie Rader & Christy Evans July 2013

"After my husband and I took a week-long retreat with Julie Rader and Christy Evans in Belize in 2011, I told everyone that I would follow them to the ends of the earth! And so I did. The 3-week teacher training retreat at Soulshine in Bali this past summer was everything I could have wished and more! Amazing teachers, beautiful venue, loving people everywhere. I can always count on The Travel Yogi to lead me to places of beauty, love, and wonder."

Bido B. Manifesting a Beautiful Life Santorini with Giselle Mari & Jen Prugh Sept 2013

"This was beyond what I imagined as far as a yoga retreat but also as far as an incredible resort to visit. Rocabella provided outstanding service and catered to our every need. Their tiny kitchen was able to cook delicious dishes day after day and their staff was so attentive towards us....always service with a smile. I definitely would return to Rocabella without hesitation for a yoga retreat.

The group that practiced with us was warm and friendly and we all got along so well that we became friends with some of them. Jennifer and Giselle were excellent in their teachings and so encouraging towards our practice. It is was heaven on earth! and a trip that is so ingrained in my mind that I am still on cloud nine after day four upon my return.

Thank you so much Jen for all your help in coordinating this incredible trip!"

Sheryl A. Manifesting a Beautiful Life Santorini with Giselle Mari & Jen Prugh Sept 2013

"It was a great trip!
Thank you for all that you did to make it happen!"

Tenille H. Yoga & Meditation Santorini Retreat May 2013

"Hi Travel Yogi team! ... The Santorini retreat was absolutely perfect! From the controlled yoga, amenities, and travel assistance to the uncontrolled staff, food, and weather, EVERYTHING was perfect! I enjoyed practicing yoga with Angel in the mornings and evenings, her style of teaching was perfect for a retreat get away (calm yet challenging, with stretching and spiritual vibes infused)! The staff at Rocabella could not have been better! They were incredibly accommodating, friendly, and spoke English 🙂 Upon arriving at the retreat, all yogis who were attending became instant friends, such a great feeling!! I felt safe and well prepared as a solo traveler and felt like I knew who to contact at all times if I had a question or needed something! There was free wi-fi at the resort which I really liked because it felt nice to have a connection to home (friends and family, NOT WORK) but still be in such a far away place! Thank you all again for letting me in on this amazing piece of heaven that I will remember forever!"

Kelsie M. Camden Hock Rhythm of Life Bali Retreat April 2013

"The retreat was amazing. Thank you to you and your team for selecting such a beautiful location in Bali for yoga, rest and relaxation, and exploration.

Thanks again for your work!"

Kelly M. Primal Yoga Galapagos Retreat with Liz Arch March 2013

"It was so awesome and well organized that I didn't even appreciate how well everything was being handled during the retreat.
I did a 4 day organized trip to Isabela island after the retreat and in comparison I realized how lucky we had been to have such good guides and hosts and helpful staff. Galapagos is wonderful no matter what, but it was definitely worth it to have every so well taken care of during our stay."

Gordon O. Primal Yoga Galapagos Retreat with Liz Arch March 2013

"Kudos to The Travel Yogi for constructing an incredible experience. From our yoga instructor Liz Arch to our group of intrepid travelers to the boat guides and crews everything was fantastic. You truly constructed a winner! The Galapagos Islands themselves are breathtaking in their uniqueness but the synergy of the group, the support staff, the yoga took this trip to another level. Thanks again for a trip of a lifetime."

Grant C. Primal Yoga Galapagos Retreat with Liz Arch March 2013

"Thank you for arranging an amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip and for your help and assistance every inch of the way leading up. "

Jeanette Y. Manifestation Maui w Jen Pastiloff Feb 2013

"I can’t say enough about the awesomeness of the Maui retreat!!!!! Jennifer Pastiloff is the best ever, the resort was beautiful, the staff was wonderful. It was just a great all around trip. You were so helpful with all of your emails and instructions. I had the best time. I will definitely go on another Jen Pastiloff/Travel Yogi retreat. No question."

Kelly Y. Manifestation Maui w Jen Pastiloff Feb 2013

"...Now I'm ready to move forward and live my life. If you have ever wondered how to get to that next level, to be a true authentic person, to stop making excuses, to stop listening to the negative voices in your head, sign up for one of Jen's manifestation retreats or workshops. It will be worth every penny. You will learn more about yourself than you thought possible. You will make some amazing friends that will be with you for life. You will listen to some great music cause Jen has great taste in music. You will sing, laugh, cry, eat awesome food and there might even be some wine. What are you waiting for? Sign up today! These events will change your life."

Monal N. Manifestation Maui w Jen Pastiloff Feb 2013

"Jen, at the Travel Yogi, is so amazing! Her enthusiasm for her work comes through in her professionalism and the care she gives to each of her clients. She is full of answers for any questions I had regarding the retreat location, the packing list or the options available for excursions. She responded immediately to any emails I sent.

I had the best experience working with her and am looking forward to working with her again in the future! If you ever need to book a yoga travel trip you MUST use The Travel Yogi! Efficient, professional and passionate about bringing their clients the best experience possible. Thank you!!!!"

Susan D. New Year's Tulum Retreat w Kathryn Budig Dec 2012

"The New Year's Retreat at Shambala with Kathryn was fantastic, I'll even go as far as to say a life changer for me! I am not a 'hard core' yogi so I found the classes very challenging, but in a good way... they made me realize the potential I have. ... I also wanted to say that I think The Travel Yogi is very well run and organized... from the planning to the airport transfers to the excursions. It made for a very easy and relaxing trip.
Thanks again and I look forward to my next retreat!"

Katie D. Thanksgiving Manifestation Bali w Jen Pastiloff Nov 2012

"I could never have imagined when I signed up for my first yoga retreat what was in store for me on my trip to Soulshine, Bali with Jen Pastiloff and The Travel Yogi.

I want to call it amazing, but that feels too small. I want to call it life-changing, but that feels cliche. I can only call it what it truly was for me: magical.

Being able to travel without worrying about any details because someone else has taken care of everything (thank you Jen Hoddevik!) is incomparable. Being able to participate in the wonder of a Manifestation Retreat amongst glorious sunrises over the rice paddies (thank you Jen Pastiloff and Soulshine!) is miraculous. Being able to share the entire experience with my 20 new lifelong friends is priceless.

I can think of no better way to travel than with The Travel Yogi!!!"

Libby B Thanksgiving Manifestation Bali w Jen Pastiloff Nov 2012

"Can't say enough about this experience. I felt very supported in the booking of this trip. The accommodations were immaculate, the surroundings stunning, the excursions incredible, the yoga inspiring, the food fresh, unique and tasty.

Every moment sparkled. As our charming Balinese guide, got us saying, 'Thank you very big!'"

Jamie G. Thanksgiving Manifestation Bali w Jen Pastiloff Nov 2012

"...I just wanted to say THANK YOU. What an experience! I felt completely prepared thanks to my correspondence with you and your emails, and Jen Pastiloff...

The two of you together really put together life changing journeys. Thank you for doing what you do!"

Kate B. Santorini Yoga Adventure Sept 2012

"First of all, thank you so much for being so efficient on email. When I booked all those months before I didn’t know anyone on the retreat, or even have an idea what a retreat involved, you made me feel very comfortable and excited. You were also spot on about Kathryn. She made me feel so comfortable at my level, taught me so much yoga and I have gained a lovely new friend. I am proud to tell you I attended every session, but it was nice that it was an environment were people did the amount they wanted to do and there was no pressure ... I was surprised there weren’t more non-americans on the trip, however rest assured I am sure you will find a few more Aussies contacting you via word of mouth."

Lindsey R. Santorini Yoga Adventure September 2012

"Thank you for putting together such a wonderful trip...it was worth every penny and more. I came home absolutely raving about the entire thing 🙂 The location was amazing, I was totally satisfied with the hotel, amenities, and proximity to other activities on the island ... I would go back there for another retreat in a second."

Brooke W. Santorini Yoga Adventure September 2012

"The trip was amazing. Thank you for all you do. Rocabella was a beautiful location, the food was amazing, and the yoga teachers were obviously outstanding ... I had an amazing time and met some absolutely lovely yogis. I plan on using Travel Yogi again. Thanks again for your coordination."

Tracy M. Ecstatic Bhav! Bali with Ashley Albrand April 2012

"I recently went to Bali with the Ashley Albrand via The Travel Yogi. Everything about the experience was amazing, from the initial engagement with Jennifer to the follow up and finally arriving in Bali and attending the retreat. Traveling internationally can be a hassle, but Jennifer made sure that all the details were taken care of pre-trip and was available if we had any questions during the retreat. Soulshine was amazing, like a little bit of luxury + paradise in the middle of the rice paddies. Ashley was phenomenal, an amazing teacher curating a life changing experience in the middle of paradise. I can't recommend the Travel Yogi enough and I will definitely book another yoga vacation with Jennifer."

Christy S. Ecstatic Bhav! Bali with Ashley Albrand April 2012

"I cannot imagine all the time and energy that went into planning this amazing retreat, but I thank you so much from the very bottom of my (jet-lagged) heart!!! It was quite a transformative experience, in every sense, and I felt that I was aboard a very tightly manned ship 🙂
...it was a very well-balanced vacation...with just enough yoga and ubud city time. I do hope that our paths cross someday soon, maybe on the other side of the world! ;)"

Daisy C. Ecstatic Bhav! Bali with Ashley Albrand April 2012

"I would like to thank you again for organizing this yoga retreat. It's been such wonderful wonderful experience for me!!! Now I am a huge fan of The Travel Yogi! :)"

Kelsie M. Messages of Namaste Mexico with Camden Hock April 2012

"I had a great experience, every step of this process. ...it wasn't a problem to book anything with you because you were responsive, timely, and helpful. I appreciated all of the instructions about what to bring, what not to bring, what to expect upon arrival, what to expect while there, etc. ...yoga and meditation with Camden, spending time with the group, etc. was definitely the best part of the week. Thanks again for everything. I had a wonderful time."

Allison B. Flying Leap Yoga Adventure w Kathryn Budig March 2012 - Queenstown, NZ

"My experience with The Travel Yogi was nothing short of bliss. The space they scouted out for the group, the people we met along the way, the structure of the classes and free time, everything was very well coordinated and exceptionally well-planned. I met some incredible people and took away a lifetime of memories from the one week we shared. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, in fact, I'm already planning my next trip."

Kerry M. Shamanic Pilgrimage Peru w Ashley Turner March 2012

"Thank you for all you did, for all of us.

Gordon O. Flying Leap Yoga Adventure w Kathryn Budig March 2012 - Queenstown, NZ

"Wow! What an adventure!

Yoga with Kathryn Budig is a 10! Kathryn's inspiring yet simple philosophy of "aiming true" and choosing love/life over fear with a smile permeates thru playful and challenging yoga practices, tailored to a variety of levels...

New Zealand is spectacularly beautiful and we got ample opportunities to savor whatever piqued our interest, from hiking and horseback riding to skydiving and bungee jumping. or simply partaking in the wonderful spa treatments available at the hotel or sitting outdoors at a cafe in Queenstown over coffee or a beer...

Jen Hoddevik and the Travel Yogi group thoroughly researched Queenstown prior to our visit. Our hotel was charming and small, giving us a family feeling with the staff. The rooms were spacious, with spa tubs and balconies overlooking the Shotover River and mountains across the way. Every request we made was fulfilled for us with a smile. the New Zealand people are uniformly friendly and cheerful. We ate fabulous food catered for us every evening washed down by wonderful New Zealand wine or beer. The hotel staff shuttled us wherever we needed to go whenever we needed to go. Jen, Kelly, and Kathryn made sure that everyone in the group was getting what they wanted and were always available to answer questions and provide assistance in setting up events...

This is not a sensory deprivation retreat. It is a full-on celebration of yoga and life. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Maxine Flying Leap Yoga Adventure w Kathryn Budig March 2012 - Queenstown, NZ

"The yoga – I think you heard it from me raving about it but I was 100% satisfied. Kathryn is an amazing teacher, I really appreciate her confidence and skill, relaxed approach and ability to tailor moves and adjustments to everyone in the room. Great sense of humor ; I particularly appreciated how much Kathryn shared about her own journey with some of the poses; how hard she has worked to master some of them – gives a more realistic picture for the non-professional yogis in the room of the time and effort required to get there. Thank you Kathryn!! Thanks Jen, Kelly and Kathryn for organizing an amazing trip!"

Irina L. Flying Leap Yoga Adventure w Kathryn Budig March 2012 - Queenstown, NZ

"I've been raving about this trip to everyone I know and a lot of people I don't know, and everyone's been asking me how to sign up for NZ 2013, so please keep us all posted! I would love to do this again next year..."

Kari J. Maui Yoga & Surf/SUP w Matt Rothert & Chelsea Welch Feb 2012

"Ed and I had a magical time. We grew as individuals and as a couple. The trip was relaxing, spiritual and we look forward to doing it annually. We loved the surf and paddle boarding along with the two times a day yoga. Matt & Chelsea created a great retreat that touched our souls, Chakras and muscles. The retreat has rekindled my passion for self, family & yoga."

Britta S. Manifestation Mexico w Jen Pastiloff Jan 2012

"Just to tell you this has been one of the best weeks I ever had. Jennifer is a great teacher, an inspiration to be around, to learn from and she just makes you happy being around her. All the people she attracts....really amazing."

Chad S. New Year's Retreat with Kerri Kelly & Lauren Slater Dec 2011/12

"First off, I want to say thank you for all your rocking support in getting us booked up and sorted for the new years retreat. Your a rock star, and truly a pleasure to work with.. really appreciate your personal emails and attention to the details. As for our fearless yogini powerhouses. Kerri and Lauren, love you both. Malis and I really enjoyed spending time with you both, so many good laughs and wild times."

Taylor C. New Year Be Clear Retreat with Katie Brauer Jan 2012

"Thank you once again for organizing this retreat! The whole week was amazing!!! The location was awesome and the yoga with Katie was of course phenomenal."

Amanda C. Poses for Paws Retreat with Kathryn Budig Nov 2011

"We had the most amazing week. The place was breath taking but for Billy and I, it was Kathryn and the other yogis who made it absolutely once in a lifetime experience!! It was so worth it for us and seriously the best holiday for us (and we have taken a few!) I absolutely adore Kathryn and she was so beautiful.

I would also like to thank you for your special help for Billy and I as we travelled so far. You made everything effortless and I said so to Kathryn. Such a brilliant experience all around."

Tara W. Chakra Vinyasa Belize with Julie Rader Nov 2011

"Belize was absolutely fantastic!!!!! I considered skipping the hopper flight back and staying in San Pedro Town as long as my passport and checking account would let me 🙂

Julie is a wonderful teacher and I couldn't have asked for a better person to guide us in our retreat. She really is a beautiful and inspiring person! Thank you so much for all of the organizing -- It was so easy to just show up and know everything was already in place for a great yoga retreat."

Julie Rader Yoga, Bike & Wine Loire, France with DuVine Adventures 2011

"The Duvine Provence tour was truly divine! The guides were knowledgeable and charming. The food and wine were superb. The hotels were wonderfully 5-star, and words can't explain the beauty of cycling through the countryside of Southern France."

Sandy S. Yoga, Ski & Wine Montana with Mary Strong March 2011

"I recently went on the Montana Yoga, Ski & Cooking Retreat. It was awesome! The private lodge was beautiful..very spacious, great large yoga room with picture window overlooking the snow covered mountains. Each room was spacious and nicely decorated and equipped with a private bathroom and deck. The yoga classes were excellent! Wine education and cooking classes added much depth and variation to our day. Every detail was precisely planned...transportation to and from the airport, meals, as well as the daily schedule. I would definitely go on another yoga retreat planned by The Travel Yogi."

Peter Barnett

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer in planning our retreats to Xinalani, Mexico. She is easy to work with and clearly loves her job. She came up to meet us and took classes with us to get to know us and our studio better. She is very knowledgeable about all facets of putting a retreat together. She helped us get our brochure together by supplying us beautiful pictures of Xinalani. Everything worked out as promised - we are going back again and will continue to do so annually.
I recommend her highly"