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The Expected Unexpected :: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka yoga retreat The Travel Yogi

We see it all the time.  Intrepid yogis and adventure travel enthusiasts commit to a trip with us after having researched options and having done their homework.  By the time they book they know the highlights and how we plan to immerse them in the local culture.  However, language is limited and photos and videos […]

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Shift Happens :: How Travel Changes Your Perspective (Part II)

Bhutan Yoga Retreat

Travel changes you. That’s so clear it goes without saying (even though we just said it).  As traveling yogis we spend a lot of time thinking about exactly why we do this and why we love it so much. Suffice it to say, we’re big believers in the benefits of adventuring. The insights we’ve gleaned […]

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Intention Setting For Dummies (Including Us)

Mexico Yoga Retreat

Chances are you’ve been to at least one yoga class where the instructor begins by asking you to “set an intention.” Maybe you came up with something off-hand, or took the sincere route but forgot all about it halfway through. Hey, it’s your practice — do what works — but if you’re curious about intention […]

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Sri Lanka Travel :: Wishes And Intentions

Sri Lanka nature

by :: Debbi Murphy (April 13-24, 2019 Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat teacher) “What do you remember most about your trip?”  I love that question.  It’s my favorite way to reminisce and anticipating my favorite question is my favorite way to get mentally prepped for an adventure.  This time that adventure is my April 2019 Sri […]

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The (Scientific) Importance Of Pleasure

Yoga Retreat Galapagos

The new year is here and for many of us that means resolutions of all kinds and, hopefully, a yoga retreat in 2019 (ha). Pledges typically involve a dose of sacrifice and self-denial, and those can be very powerful tools, but they can also quickly tip into guilt whenever we have a lapse in discipline. […]

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Non-Essential Travel Essentials

Yoga Retreat Panama

Packing light is an art form and we salute anyone who achieves it (we try but don’t always succeed…ha). But, if you’re clever enough to have extra space, why not throw in a few nice-to-haves beside the need-to-haves? We know you each have your own version of this list, but we wanted to share our […]

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