Our Commitment

Tomorrow's Air & The Travel Yogi

The climate crisis is real. As conscious travelers, it’s important to note and mitigate our impact. While travel is important for our wellness and communities, traditional carbon offsetting is just not enough. The Travel Yogi has partnered with Tomorrow’s Air to put our travelers’ dollars to work through the super cool science of carbon removal. Want to know more? Learn about Tomorrow’s Air, how carbon removal from the atmosphere works, our commitment, and what more you can do.

What Is Tomorrow's Air?

Tomorrow’s Air is a conduit for conscious climate change.  Launched in partnership with revolutionary carbon capture technology provider Climeworks, Tomorrow’s Air brings consciously-connected and sustainability-focused travel companies to the carbon removal table.  Carbon removal Education and Action are the two principles that propel Tomorrow’s Air, their corporate travel partners and involved independent travelers.

How Does Carbon Removal From the Atmosphere Work?

With direct air capture, machines capture carbon dioxide from ambient air. Air is drawn into the collector with a fan and adheres to a filter within the collector. Once the filter is saturated, the collector is closed, and the temperature is increased, releasing pure CO2 which can then be mineralized or used in other products. That’s the super quick I-don’t-have-a-science-PhD version. if you want to geek out (highly recommended) on more specific/scientific info, you can head over to Climeworks for more good stuff.

Cool, right?  The world’s largest direct air storage plant, Orca, will be rolling into operation in rural Iceland in September 2021.

Why Carbon Removal Technology?

Trees, the ocean and soil all absorb and store carbon dioxide. However, natural systems can take many years to absorb carbon dioxide. While we need to protect and conserve nature, we also need carbon removal technologies, like direct air capture, to help remove carbon dioxide—fast

Trees versus Carbon RemovalThere’s nothing better than a gorgeous, verdant vista.  Who doesn’t love looking out on a carpet of green trees? Unfortunately we’re at a point (past it, really) where Mother Nature needs a helping hand. We’re putting the carbon dioxide out there when we travel (along with a host of other activities), so let’s be the ones to help take it out too.

When we reduce the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide, regardless of where reduction occurs, the entire atmosphere and all the living beings on Earth benefit.

Carefully-curated immersion travel? Check.
Amazing wellness adventures? check.
Lowering carbon footprint on the planet? CHeck.

We’re making strides by joining a global community of environmentally-conscious travelers. Bye, bye guilt-ridden travel — hello a conscientious-travel breath of fresh air.

The Travel Yogi's Commitment to a Breathable Future

The Travel Yogi has partnered with Tomorrow’s Air and subscribed to help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it permanently.

Our passion is to bring you the most unique, fun and immersive yoga retreat adventures available. Our mission is to prioritize cultural-considerations and the environmental impact of world-travel. Addressing this mission is important to us and our travelers. We’re excited and proud to be part of the Tomorrow’s Air collective and to have a hand in a solution.

This is not a bandaid. Rather, this is a starting place. We’re proud to join a community of forward-caring people on this journey. 

How You Can Help

When you travel with The Travel Yogi you’re traveling with health, wellness, and community in mind. And now, you’re also supporting our carbon removal from the atmosphere efforts. If you’re traveling with us, you’re already doing your part to grow the global community of travelers helping to restore our climate.

If you want to contribute more, or spread the word and be a carbon removal education influencer, you can contribute directly to Tomorrow’s Air and share their information via social media @tomorrowsair_  …and with your friends, family, co-workers, etc… Knowledge is power. The more who know, the more who care (and help).