Carefully Curated Yoga Adventures

At The Travel Yogi our focus is on carefully curated yoga adventures. Go beyond and celebrate culture, nature, food and wellness around the world. The best yoga retreats are the ones you want to go back to and 98% of our travelers want to travel with us again. We've mapped it all out so you can relax and enjoy the mind-body-culture connection.

Our Teachers

We handpick knowledgeable, fun, creative, amazing and personable teachers - you're in good hands!


Definitely while out adventuring, but we're talking about the office team. By email, text or phone, someone from The Travel Yogi is always here to help you out.


Our trips are coined, “yoga retreat adventures” for a reason. No matter where you’re headed, we strike a balance between yoga and excursions, running and resting. We build culture-packed, nature-engaging, and energetic one-of-a-kind wellness adventures around yoga classes that keep you centered, calm and balanced.

This trip FAR exceeded my expectations

- Emil J.

It was a life changing experience . I enjoyed the balance of history, travel, and yoga. My mind was being expanded in multiple venues all at the same time but at a reasonable pace.

- Sue B.

Panama was an epic time… Flawless execution!

- Stephanie K.