Kristin Clark Cork

When we meet you will find that my philosophies on the mat are mirrored in my approach to life. I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years and my takeaways from time on my mat is always changing… It’s the beauty of yoga – it meets you where you are in that moment and it never judges or criticizes or asks anything more from you then you have to offer. There’s no doubt our practices on the mat enhances our most important practice… living life live now. Each morning I pause before diving into the “business” of the day and ask myself “What would I love to feel more or less of that I can thread thru my experiences?” I flow a bit waking up on all levels and my morning teachings reflect a sense of awakening. As the day wanes, my teachings are soothing, relective and restorative. I believe there is so much that lies beneath the surface of our beings and that yoga and meditation helps us dive through the tip of the iceberg, clearing clutter, so that we are more fully awake and able to embrace life!

Erich Schiffmann has been monumental in my approach to life on and off the mat. His teachings of “being on line all the time” takes you out of habit-mind and into “life live now”. His Freedom Style approach to yoga and life empowers the inner teacher to be heard. Who doesn’t want to cultivate a more meaningful relationship with themselves and others? Yoga and meditation are vehicles that help us find more space between breaths and longer pauses between thoughts so that we are able to hear our inner voices speaking about what matters most to each of us!  “Living life live” means living life alive and fully in the present. If not now, when??

My various vinyasa flow practices reflect a meditation of movement whether gentle or powerful. I absolutely love to sequence so the movements are a meditation in themself. Connected thru the breath, we stay present. Through this connection, we can explore the subtle micro adjustments to find the yin and yang in every pose. It is a goal to take this flow of breath from my practice off the mat and into my world…  inhaling life’s inspiration, exhaling the debris. I believe where the breath is stuck, so is our prana.

Last but certainly not least, my subtle body and yin teachings. Yin found me while living in the high mountains of Colorado. I think it’s important to pause often and integrate physical stillness. Being in conversation with ourselves leads to profound intuitive inquisition.

As the owner of Be.Yoga in Avon CT, as a teacher and as a student, I love exploring and learning especially beneath the surface of things. I love to travel and simmer in other cultures and learn from their lifestyles. I started leading yoga retreats and adventures in 2008 as a way to bring like minded people together to pause and explore life both on and off the mat. 

I hope to meet you in the flow! Feel free to email me at [email protected] any time with questions, insights or inspirations! 

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