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Lindsey Trubia

Welcome! I can’t wait to meet you on the mat out on an adventure! Before we meet there, here’s a little bit about me:

I’m a former D1 soccer player, an avid yogi, an explorer and surfer, a #TeamHuman lover and a #PlayWithPurpose Peak Flow founder. 

As a young girl, my dream was to play D1 soccer and one day, to compete in the Olympics. Like many young athletes, I lived for competition and LOVED to win – who doesn’t? After my college sports career ended, I found myself lost in my early twenties. As a successful athlete entering adulthood, I wondered: Who am I, beyond soccer? What is my purpose? Like many twenty somethings, I defaulted to the fifty hour corporate work week to pay the bills but lacked a sense of self-fulfillment.

Following the “flow” of the corporate world, I relocated to the island of Oahu for nearly eight years. Hawaiian living proved the most transformational experience of my life. I fell in love with the Ocean, free-diving and surfing. They all provided me new opportunities for self-discovery and appreciation for the power of nature and the present moment.  

And then, on February 11th, 2014, I had a “near death experience.”

Just what I thought was another “day in paradise”, literally almost took my breath away … for good. Around lunch time that day I paddled out on Oahu’s north shore break to surf some of the largest waves of my life. Sitting in the line-up, I could feel a beautiful mixture – fear, hesitation and excitement – travel throughout my mind and body. I spotted a Wave coming lining up perfectly in my direction, and in that present moment of flow settled my wandering Mind to stillness, my Body following as a paddled in the perfect pocket.

The Wave’s lifted me up as both feet landed perfectly on my board, ready to ride the Ocean’s energy. The drop loomed above me – suddenly too big and out of my comfort zone. As my face glossed the Wave, the peak curled over my head and the small tunnel – my way out – suddenly disappeared. The Wave’s powerful force trapped me, picking me up over the falls and tumbling me into the Wave’s crushing power. I opened my eyes underwater not knowing which direction lead to the surface, only to find darkness and no longer having the energy to fight the Ocean, I surrendered. In that moment, I thought of my mother, father and two brothers. I reminded myself: if I leave this world doing what I love – there’s beauty there. In that very moment of “letting go” the ocean brought me back to the surface and I gasped for air, my body shaking uncontrollably. Finding my senses, I quickly grabbed my leash and paddled back into shore and sat, staring at the ocean until the sun went down: confused, crying and terrified by my experience in a sport that allowed me to feel so ALIVE. 

How could I continue surfing? I felt traumatized, but even more in awe of the Ocean’s power. Always curious about how free divers and big wave surfers could hold their breath for so long, I followed my post-trauma curiosity and signed up for courses. Becoming a breath coach and practitioner, I experienced major emotional releases I thought I had stuffed away. My soccer-injured hamstring and ACL began healing. I felt lighter, and the weird thing was, it wasn’t just me. Everyone in my breathing classes shared similar experiences. Breathwork for me soon became a new journey of discovery, ancient wisdom meeting renegade science as my quest deepened.

In 2018, my Yoga Teacher Training continually pointed me towards breath as a simple but powerful pathway connecting mind, body and spirit. Traveling to Bangalore, India in 2019 for The Art of Living, I learned that breathing was an ancient art, a vital component cultivated by human civilizations for millennia. During my training, I experienced profound mental and emotional shifts again I couldn’t ignore, as well as a deeper appreciation for the power of the breath, my relationships with family and friends, but most profoundly the relationship I had with myself.

Fast forward. Today, I am a Yoga Instructor, Wim Hof, Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko Method breath practitioner and avid international surfer. Little did I know that the Soccer’s Field and the Ocean’s Wave would lead me to my passion and purpose in creating Peak Flow and traveling around the world with our amazing The Travel Yogi community. I can’t wait to share my yoga and breathwork knowledge and passion with each of you as we explore, expand and immerse.

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