Sarah Beston Yoga Teacher

Sarah Beston

Sarah Beston is a yoga and meditation teacher, Inner Wellness Coach and writer based in Los Angeles. Through her teachings and guidance, Sarah hopes to inspire others to overcome self-imposed limitations, helping them to uncover their individual truths and (re)discover their most authentic selves.

Sarah’s Body Wisdom™ coaching programs and retreats blend ancient wisdom with modern science while pulling from the traditions of yoga, spiritual healing, positive psychology, somatics, and mindfulness.

In her classes, Sarah promotes a welcoming and safe environment that realigns her students with the natural gifts within—vitality, strength, joy and intuitive intelligence. She brings her love of dance and choreography to creative vinyasa flow sequences. Through refined attention to breath, physical strength and mindful movement, Sarah connects her students with the expansive freedom and potential of the body-mind-spirit connection. She believes a consistent practice offers the practitioner a pathway back to his or her own divine, radiant nature.

Sarah holds her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Spirituality and Mind Body Practice from Columbia University.

She received her yoga teacher training certifications through Yoga Mittra in Manhattan Beach and Laughing Lotus in New York City. She has completed multiple advanced trainings in trauma-informed yoga, yoga for post traumatic stress, Ayurveda, and Mindfulness Based Strengths-Practice (MBSP) through the VIA Institute on Character.

Sarah is an instructor at Columbia Business School’s Venture for All program, where she teaches courses on spiritual entrepreneurship and venture creation.

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