Suzanne DeJong

A mother, studio owner, life coach and student, Suzanne’s focus is personal growth and empowered, joyful living. She is committed to helping people develop the skills and self-awareness to be their own facilitator of change through a practice of Power Yoga, personal responsibility and energetic healing.

A consistent and solid yoga practice draws out your virtues and changes your presence. Its most potent effects come gradually over time. We are always practicing.  We practice parenting, being a boss, a friend, a sibling. We practice being human. We can sure benefit from noticing how we’re practicing so we can shift as needed for maximum benefit. So, progress in your practice isn’t measured in handstands or bendi-ness, because strong muscles and supreme balance won’t improve your relationships! Progress is becoming empowered – it’s your willingness to take responsibility for your happiness and well-being. With an emphasis on self-awareness, breath, alignment and biomechanics, this is the basis of practice at Omaha Power Yoga in Omaha, Nebraska.

Suzanne’s practice and teaching have been influenced by Bryan Kest, Rudy Mettia, Jules Mitchell, Dan Nevins, Deborah Adele, David H Wagner, Nick Hansinger and Kisma Orbovich. A student for over 16 years, teacher and coach for nearly 11 years, Suzanne’s beautiful 9 year old daughter, Zoa, is her driving force for continued personal study and growth, because the ultimate method for teaching is how we live, not what we say.

“My most influential teachers all have something in common – they don’t answer my questions!  They encourage me to question, to experiment and discover my own answers. I pass on what I learn in the same powerful method. I look forward to meeting you, learning your why, and serving you in any way I’m able!”

Upcoming Retreats

OCTOBER 10-16, 2021

iceland - 7 DAYS/ 6 NIGHTS