Feed The Need: Best Food In Sicily

A crispy shell filled with sweet ricotta cream. Try the best food in Sicily with The Travel Yogi.

Pasta, pizza and wine—what else could you need? Well… if you’re traveling to Sicily, a lot more. Sicily has its own culinary style—unique from Italy as a whole—that you must try if you get a chance to visit. From Pecorino Pepato to Arancini, here’s our pick of the best food in Sicily to help you prioritize your taste buds on your next Sicilian adventure. 

Foodies, Here’s The Best Food In Sicily

Before we delve in, you might be wondering… What makes you an authority on the best food in Sicily? Hey, it’s a valid question! We are The Travel Yogi, the original yoga adventure company, a team of globe trotters that make it our mission to help others travel in culturally conscious, connected and ethical ways. We forge connections with locals in every country we adventure in and collect tidbits of hidden gems, customs and yes… eat! along the way.

If you want to be sure to hit all of these Sicilian foods, join us on our next adventure to Sicily.

1. Granita with Brioche

Gelato and sorbet, but better. Granita is a regular part of a Sicilian’s diet, but not in the way you may think. The refreshing, semi-frozen icy treat might seem like a perfect desert, but Sicilians actually enjoy it as a snack or for breakfast. And don’t order your Granita alone! Make sure you order the mandatory brioche with it. You’ll thank us when you taste the flavors in harmony as you scoop that sweet bread into the granita and take a bite.

If you’re traveling to Sicily with us you’ll get a chance to try granita with brioche for yourself. As a group, we’ll stop in Ortigia for a snack break at a renowned restaurant that serves up this delicate treat with the gorgeous Duomo di Siracusa as a backdrop. 

2. Local Wine Made from Volcanic Soil

Volcanoes are incredible to look at, yes, but have you ever had a glass of wine made from its soil? Some say France has the best wine, but Sicilian volcanic wine might just top the list. The vino’s unique taste is something you’ll have to try for yourself (and let us know!). From the local Nero d’Avola to the unique Etna Rosso, you’re sure to find a wine you’ll love.

3. Cannolis

Imagine taking a bite out of a crispy shell filled with sweet ricotta cream, sprinkled with candied fruit or chocolate chips. Now imagine it’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten in your life. This will happen if you eat a cannoli in Sicily; even if you don’t like cannolis. We’re not even kidding! And while the chef always changes up what you make in our Sicilian cooking class, you may just get lucky enough to make/bake/devour your own cannoli delicacy! 

4. Chocolate from Modica

If we can all agree on one thing, it’s that chocolate is incredible. Sicilian chocolate is even incredible-r (we choose to think that’s a real word). Slightly grainier than your typical chocolate, and with an earthy flavor, this only-in-Modica chocolate will blow your mind. Try your hand and make chocolate in Modica with us on our Sicily Yoga Adventure, our maître chocolatier will certainly let you know if you have what it takes!

5. Arancini

Arancini are fried balls of risotto filled with cheese and various fillings, such as meat, vegetables or even chocolate. There are two types of arancini, red and white. The red is made with ragu and the white is usually with cheese and some sort of vegetable. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Sicilian that can’t whip this up in their kitchen. It’s a staple food in Sicily, and you’ll find it in basically any little cafe or corner store. 

6. Pecorino Pepato

Remember that volcanic wine we were raving about? This gourmet, pepper sheep cheese pairs really well with it. Or, enjoy it in a salad. This intense, salty delight is also incredible on its own.  Cheese, chocolate, cannoli, vino… are you getting the feeling that the yoga on this trip will come in verrrry handy? (Haha.)

7. Sciacca Siciliana

Sciacca Siciliana is a Sicilian version of “focaccia,” but it’s more like a stuffed flatbread. You can fill it with various ingredients, and it’s so darn good. We first tried it, after making it ourselves, at our cooking class at a beautiful, cave-walled water mill in Ragusa. We used ancient grains to create the perfect dough consistency and savory flavor. You’ll also have the chance to learn how to cook a local culinary delight like this on our Sicily Yoga Adventure, only the menu will be a surprise on the day of!

Prioritize Your Tastebuds In Sicily

The best thing about Sicilian food isn’t even necessarily the thing you taste in your mouth. Wait, what? Sicilian food is often made using traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. This means that you’ll get to taste dishes that have been perfected over centuries, using only the freshest ingredients.  In this way, “tradition” doesn’t just mean a specific dish but the recipe itself! Magnifico!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on our next Yoga Adventure in Sicily to explore all of the sensory culinary experiences the island has to offer! Salute!