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Travel with Yogamint


Surprisingly, “why” can still be found in the same sentence as “travel”. Yogamint keeps it simple, motivating and, once on that short or long-haul flight, healthy… Both articles (as well as many more on Yogamint) are perfect for our summer holiday prep and in-flight activities. Passport to Growth Expand Your Horizons Traveling offers a chance […]

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Something Completely Different

Something happened today that has never happened to me before.   I was soaking up a YogaGlo class at home when the teacher announced it was handstand time. I am constantly frustrated by my (lack of a) handstand practice and always trying. I’m afraid of falling, you see. I gave my face a good smacking […]

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Spring Scents & Sense via Kathryn Budig


It was about a year ago that this little gem appeared on Elephant Journal, but as the first of our spring days hits LA I thought about the delicious recipe, the yoga sequence and, ahhhhh, the flip-flop foot scrub.  It’s definitely time to re-post and enjoy… Via Kathryn Budig on Apr 10, 2010 Spring Cleaning […]

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Common Sense circa 2011


I like hearing common sense every once in a while.  This map to powerful and fulfilling resolutions seems so simple, so intuitive.  And I absolutely needed them spelled out for me.  I gave up making new year’s resolutions because they ended in disappointment; it wasn’t my will that sabotaged me, it was a lack of […]

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LA Yoga Map by the Incomparable Mr. Rosen


Ok, so technically this isn’t a blog post.  There are amazing sources for information and much more gifted writers than myself to treat you to.  So, from now on this is going to be a blog/reposting site for yoga info that I enjoy and want to share.  Sharing is what it’s all about, right?  Then […]

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It’s Not Easy Being Green


In this my favorite frog was right.  I do what I can; my daughter has a lunchbox (not bag) and washable lunch containers (not plastic bags), we use a water filtration system and LED lights, we drive a SmugCar and a clean diesel (someone needs to explain ‘clean’ diesel).  And, of course, we recycle.  Is […]

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