Ashley Thesier

Ashley Thesier...

For over a decade now, Ashley has been teaching the mysteries and joys of yoga. Her strong hatha based training, infused with detailed focus of anatomical alignment and dynamic prana-flow awareness make her vinyasa classes safe and accessible to all levels. You always walk away having learned something new and although her asana classes are throughly physically challenging, afterwards you feel lighter, recharged and more centered.

Having started down the holistic healer’s path early in life, she infuses the ancient knowledge of yoga with the modern day understanding of the human body. Having practiced as a massage therapist for over twelve years and growing up in a family of chiropractors, she chose yoga as her path to health, wealth and happiness. Ashley says, “When I teach yoga, I am able to positively affect more people at once, as many as the room can fill and as far as my voice will carry. Where as a massage therapist or chiropractor can only work on one person at a time, yoga allows me to teach everyone how to take better care of themselves without having to rely on the external. To learn how to heal thyself is extremely powerful and yoga teaches us this. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this knowledge with everyone I meet.”

Along with hosting yoga workshops and international retreats, as an E-RYT500 with thousands of hours of teaching experience, Ashley trains aspiring yoga practitioners and teachers at her studio, Yoga Loft Tampa, located in the historic Ybor City. Having facilitated several Yoga Alliance Recognized yoga teacher training programs and personally certifying over 100 yoga teachers since opening the Yoga Loft in 2011, it is no wonder the Yoga Loft was chosen to receive the Best of Bay award in 2013 by Creative Loafing. “Its all happened so fast and it’s now time to move beyond the walls of the yoga studio and explore the great unknown with the travel yogi.”

Having always been a world traveler, Ashley has studied and taught yoga in China as well as the Middle East before settling down in Tampa. “After opening the yoga studio I grew roots, but now it is time to fly and I cannot wait to discover more of what yoga and this precious life has to offer us together.”