Elizabeth Rowan

Elizabeth Rowan

Called “The A-list’s go-to yogi” and “Atlanta’s Best Private Yoga Instructor” by The Atlantan, Elizabeth Rowan is celebrating her 12th year as an international yoga teacher, sacred transformation guide, teacher trainer and mystical business mentor serving soulful clients in Atlanta and world-wide.

Elizabeth has made shadow work and inner transformation her life’s work, and believes there is strength in the struggle and magic in the mundane—and is here to guide humans through the thick of it all and back to their innately whole selves sans smoke and mirrors.

Elizabeth came to yoga and mysticism by way of the corporate expat rat race, and she is committed to supporting humans to discover, nurture and hold themselves sacred in healing, life and business. Now, over ten years and countless clients later, Elizabeth helps mystics unearth and embody their desires, dreams and purpose for profound connection to themselves through yoga, sacred counsel and business mentorship.

As seen in and trusted by Yoga Journal, InStyle, Bustle and more, working with Elizabeth is a journey into your heart, spirit, energy, and body via self-discovery, rituals, movement, metaphor and ceremony. Through a commitment to yoga practice and spiritual guidance, her clients reclaim sovereignty, embodiment and evolution for themselves, their community and the world. Her yoga teaching style is informed by the lineages of Ashtanga, Jivamukti, The Kaivalya Yoga Method, Andiappan Yoga and more.

With 13 years of yoga study, teaching and expertise and 15 years of business experience, Elizabeth combines the spiritual and the real world to help clients navigate being both human and divine, with empowerment, integrity, self-leadership and a cosmic wink to the magic within and around us.

Upcoming Retreats

May 3 - 11, 2025