Gillian St. Clair

Gillian St. Clair

Gillian is the owner and beloved leader of Steadfast & True Yoga. Nomadic from birth, Gillian was raised by traveling ministers with her older siblings, two cats, and a dove, who traveled all over Europe and the US listening to her mother teach (not preach, she taught). Traveling, sitting, and listening (those last two took time to appreciate) are still a huge part of her adult life.

“Contentment before bliss, peace is in the middle.”


She started her asana practice in 1999 after a life of dancing (ballet & contemporary). She didn’t know how much she relied on physical movement to take care of her emotional state until she quit dance. She had no idea where she was storing all of her feelings until that moment. When she took her first Ashtanga yoga class she felt completely clear and whole again, it was magic!

For a long time that is where she stayed, heavy in the physical form, convinced others would benefit in the same way. After studying in India she tried to teach what she had learned and was sorely mistaken on how yoga works for everybody. She quickly adapted her approach, learning, re-learning, and continuously refining how she can be of service to others, herself, and her family through the practice of yoga.

Gillian opened Steadfast and True Yoga in Nashville, TN in August 2010. She wanted to create a studio and space that holds tightly to values of right action, less distraction, to create healthy reactions. She wanted to create an extended family. She succeeded. Steadfast is constantly growing and evolving, but it has been, and will continue to be, an amazing journey for her and everyone involved.

She is passionate about truth and integrity and asks for that in her yoga classes. She asks the yogi to seek the knowledge of breath and asana before fluidity and vinyasa. She teaches strong alignment based Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha classes. When you come to her class know that you are safe and supported in the journey we take together. It’s important to understand that everything in Yoga is attainable although it’s a process that needs to explored.

Gillian asks students to focus on what their true needs are and let go of wants. That way they (we) can stop being so needy and stop wanting what isn’t ours.

She uses humor throughout her classes, and life, and loves when people laugh at her jokes. Seriously, please laugh at her jokes. She adores and thanks the universe daily for her husband Jason and their daughter Sydelle.