Janet Corvino

Janet Corvino

Janet is a yoga instructor, yoga teacher trainer and Life Alignment coach. Born and raised in NYC and now living in the mountains of Whistler, BC, Janet is part homebody and part gypsy. She loves her home in the mountains as well as exploring the world through travel. As a result, Janet has been travelling the world and teaching internationally.

Janet as a yoga instructor offers a playful, sweaty, deep practice with soul-searching teachings. Janet teaches “real life yoga for everyday living” by encouraging her students to explore yoga philosophy through themed classes and take their awareness into
their life. Janet as a Life Alignment Coach is soulful in her approach using yoga philosophy and Co-Active teachings to evoke deep insights. Janet’s candor, confidence and humour creates a playful, supportive environment to dive into action. You will be inspired to live deeply rich life filled with possibility.

She is generous with her support and deeply devoted to her students. Coaching and Yoga are pathways to living a life of harmony and fullness. Janet will journey with you there.

Upcoming Retreats

May 3 - 10, 2025