Justine Fanarof

Justine Fanarof

Justine was brought into the world with intention.

Born in South Africa into a lineage of freedom fighters supportive of her spiritual path, she took her first trans-Atlantic flight at nine months old and has since been an avid global adventurer!

A teacher of yoga and mindfulness since 2004, certified by Forest Yoga and Robert Boustany’s Pralaya Yoga, and a practicing lawyer with a Masters in Public Health, Justine is a creative, thoughtful, and ethical teacher. Justine’s work as a yoga and mindfulness teacher is grounded in a lifetime of intellectual inquiry, social justice activism, and community service. Her spiritual practices have supported her through the arduous process of becoming and being an adult. The thread of her spiritual practice ran concurrent to her practice of higher education and her personal work has been to understand how the two practices coalesce. Justine’s range of life experiences, from being a lawyer, working with undocumented children, producing news, living abroad, speaking Spanish, and working on legislative issues, to studying, practicing and teaching embodied physical and spiritual practices yield her specific gifts as a teacher.

Justine is the Owner and Founder of Fanarof Law and Justine Yoga. She is the creator of Mindful Law Firm™ which brings mindfulness and yoga practices to high burnout professional spaces in the legal and medical fields.  She is also the creator of Yogi Know Thyself™ a seasonal and ongoing exploration of svadyaya, or self-study, in a sourced and experiential space of personal practice, self-care, and inquiry. Yogi Know Thyself ™ is an alternative to rah-rah yoga teacher training programs. It offers substantive intellectual content and physical practice to the whole human being who wants to steep themselves in their own understanding of ancient and modern wisdom and compassion practices—without pushing become a yoga teacher dogma. If that ensues, wonderful,
but this work’s focus is on the personal practice journey.

With deep gratitude and joy she brings her range of practices and teachings to her community.