Katina Knapp

Katina Knapp...

Love of nature, adventure and a curiosity about other cultures has led Katina to travel around the world and yoga is always a part of it. She feels that a strong, healthy mind and body will allow you to take on any challenge - anywhere, and she’s up for anything!

Katina has been practicing Hatha yoga since she was a teenager. She found yoga to be a transformational practice that brought so much more than just physical well-being. She has studied with a wide variety of teachers and finds inspiration from them all. She completed her teacher training first with YogaWorks, a highly respected program that teaches proper alignment and safety in poses, as well as movement with breath and cohesive well-rounded sequencing. She then trained with Amy Sullivan and Jenay Martin for a more fluid and spiritual practice. Katina’s wish is to bring the healing benefits of yoga to everyone; she believes in its power to improve flexibility and strength, to help heal injuries, to improve sleep, to create more energy and a calmer, quieter, more focused mind.

Upcoming Retreats

May 18 - 25, 2024