Mia Togo

Mia Togo...

Mia is originally from Los Angeles and now lives in London. She teaches at triyoga and online for YogaWorks where she is a senior teacher, teacher trainer and a 300-hour mentor. Mia leads yoga retreats and workshops around the world. Her background is in psychology and she has been a life coach since 2011 helping her clients understand their fears and follow their callings.

Mia creates a space for her students to explore their truth - a place where they can remember that their worth does not need to be earned, bought, or outsourced, because true love comes from within. In a world where we are taught to push away discomfort and attach to pleasure, she encourages students to honor what is coming up, rather than override it.
Life is full of challenges and every season we move through is a gift to honor, to move through mindfully, and live from a space of truth and love.