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Stoke your inner fire on the ancient island caldera of Santorini. 

Discover the possible birthplace of the legend of Atlantis and relish in the ancient combination of island culture and yoga.  This retreat reclaims the balance of ancient and modern with it’s contemporary amenities amidst the small domed churches and old towns of Oia and Ancient Thira.  Bask in Santorini’s famed sunsets, lunch in Oia’s narrow streets and indulge in the hotel’s many pools, spa and unparalleled views.

From the fiery volcano and warm springs to the arid climate, from the colorful sand beaches to the pungent Vinsanto local wine, Santorini is an compromised balance of life, history, culture and beauty.  Find your center, treat your palate and unwind with the ancients.  This Santorini yoga retreat is a release and education for your inner god/goddess.

Accommodation Options:

Santorini Yoga Retreat Room The Travel Yogi


A mix of traditional island architecture, richly hued fabrics and detailing reflects this fine hotel’s privileged sphere of discrete luxury, privilege and modern technology.

All of Rocabella’s accommodations are unique, this is no cookie cutter hotel, with ocean and caldera views from the room and/or the patio.  All rooms have en suite bathrooms, flat screen tvs and mini-bar munchies.


Santorini Room View The Travel Yogi Senior Rooms are smaller with ocean views from the room’s patio.  These close (close) quarters are perfect for couples and good friends.  (Please note that we will not roommate match in these rooms)

Superior and Senior Suite rooms are larger with ocean views from the room and patio. 



Teacher(s) will each set their own schedules for the week. 

However, anticipate fun and playful yoga twice a day with days free to explore Oia, Santorini's unique vineyards, beaches or ancient ruins.


Rocabella Izumi Spa Services

Thai Oil Massage -

The Thai Oil Massage combines the techniques of the classical Thai Massage with the relaxing effects of natural oils. Applying pure organic essential oils from Thailand soothes the skin and the relaxing property of the massage is increased. Massage's magical ministrations go deeper and offer you far more than you may have ever suspected. You can greatly benefit your overall health and well-being as well as alleviating stress, improving circulation, relieving tight or sore muscles and detoxification of your body. Perfect for all that suffer from discomforts, tension in the neck & shoulder area, back problems or headaches.   Duration: 60 minutes - 90,00€

Chinese Traditional Foot Reflexology -

This ancient therapy is known to promote the body's own healing powers. Chinese Traditional Foot Reflexology is a massage of the lower legs and feet that involves hands on stretching and massage to “open” Sen (energy) Lines, along with the use of a stick to stimulate the reflex points on the feet which correspond to the internal organs of the body. It's a natural healing therapy which is highly effective in dealing with many complaints. Reflexology is based on the principle that the foot, divided into reflex zones, is a mirror image of the body. Specific manipulation and pressure of these zones reduces and eliminates blockages in corresponding glands, organs and many other parts of the body. Duration: 50 minutes - 60,00€

Aromatherapy Massage -

Essential oils and plant extracts and herbs provide a therapeutic effect on the energy balance of the body to regenerate cells.  Enjoy a relaxing body and face massage, with simultaneous placement of elements such as aromatic oils and essential oils.        Duration: 60 minutes - 90,00€

Deep Tissue Athlete’s Retreat -

Intense and deep-muscle massage is ideal for athletes and people doing manual labor. The technique of massage focuses on large muscle groups and includes more intense and powerful movements while calming lavender and neroli offer relaxation and wellness. Especially beneficial if you are suffering from aches, pains, and stiffness. This strong massage will help to relieve tension from specific areas of your body, improving circulation and mobility (mixture of almond oil and lavender or neroli).  Duration: 60 minutes – 90,00€

Detoxifying Body Treatment With Green Clay And Olive Grains -

The unique properties of green clay combined with the power of aromatherapy, uplift and effectively detoxify the body. The skin is purified with the scrub, as the olive grains remove dead cells and prepares the skin for the active ingredients of the treatment. This is followed by a hot mask of green clay enriched with essential oils of juniper and grapefruit, which is spread over the entire body to activate the decongestion and detoxification of the body. The effectiveness of the treatment is strengthened by the body massage, with emphasis on the reflexology points on the feet. This body detox treatment ideally complements a program of weight loss and detoxification.  Duration: 90 minutes - 120,00€

Rejuvenating Body Treatment With Royal Jelly And Honey -

A unique treatment, an elixir of youth, designed exclusively to utilize the nourishing ingredients from the hive of APIVITA. The “Queen” of treatments is a complete care that has been inspired by the beneficial properties of royal jelly and honey. The honey, initially crystallized, exfoliates the body while at the same time moisturizes and softens the skin. The fresh royal jelly nourishes, rejuvenates and restores glow and vitality to even the most demanding skin. This “sweet” treatment improves the texture of the skin as well as spiritual well-being.   Duration: 90 minutes - 120,00€

Deep Body Hydration With Aloe And Fig -

Strengthen your skin's natural defenses with a treatment that deeply hydrates and balances skin moisture levels. The organic extracts of aloe and fig, together with the rich mixture of olive, jojoba and almond oil moisturize and nourish the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Meanwhile, the cucumber mask rejuvenates and provides a feeling of freshness to the face, and the relaxing body massage revives you after a difficult day. An effective treatment for dry dehydrated skin, and ideal after extended sun exposure. Relieve your skin and senses with the absolute hydration by APIVITA.  Duration: 90 minutes - 110,00€

Refreshing Body Care With Honey & Yogurt -

A tasty body treatment that takes advantage the beneficial components of honey and yogurt order to provide the skin sugars trace minerals and fats to enhance the softness of the skins. Pure Greek ingredients, in exactly the same format that we eat, activate the process of renewal and regeneration of skin cells by providing rich hydration and nutrition on tired by internal and external factors. Leaving the skin detoxified, soft and light.
Duration: 90minutes - 110,00€

Anti-Aging Face Treatment With Red Wine And Bee Wax -

An anti-aging treatment that utilizes the powerful antioxidant qualities of red wine and lupin. Resverat role, the main active ingredient of red wine, naturally increases the production of collagen and reduces even the deepest wrinkles while lupin improves elasticity and restores the contours of the face. APIVITA's “acupressure diffusion” technique helps the active ingredients penetrate the deeper skin layers to maximize their effect. Treat yourself to a natural “lifting” experience that will give you immediate and visible results.   Duration: 70 minutes - 65,00€

Men's Invigorating Facial With Cardamom And Cedar -

An anti-aging and relaxing treatment especially designed for the needs of the modern man. This treatment begins by releasing withheld tension with the APIVITA relaxing back massage. The face treatment that follows, rich in active ingredients such as cardamom, cedar and propolis, reduces the depth of wrinkles in face and around the eyes while combating dark circles and signs of fatigue. This unique treatment restores balance and invigorates the skin.   Duration: 50 minutes - 50,00€



What’s included: 
  • Morning playful yoga flow
  • Sweetly satisfying evening restorative yoga
  • Luxury accommodation at an Aegean front hotel
  • Welcome poolside fruit and wine
  • Daily breakfast
  • Four group vegetarian dinners
  • Transfers to and from Santorini airport (on arrival and departure days only)
  • Free wi-fi

What is not included:

  • International airfare to Santorini (JTR)
  • Lunches
  • 3 Dinners
  • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • Optional excursions
  • Souvenirs and items of a personal nature

Santorini Sunset Yoga Retreat The Travel Yogi


Claire Missingham

Claire Missingham Yoga The Travel Yogi


Join Claire Missingham for a fantastic retreat exploring how to ignite pure passion, inspiration and creativity in yoga and in your life.

You will experience creative vinyasa flow, beautiful sequencing, along with Claire's down-to-earth delivery of the philosophy of yoga, and the latest British music to uplift and energise your practice.


What airport do I fly into?
You will be traveling into Santorini (JTR), also known as Thira.  Once you have purchased your ticket to JTR please don't worry that your destination is "Thira" and not Santorini.  You will arrive in the right spot!

If you are coming from the UK or Europe, we recommend checking flight options on SkyScanner. They compile many regional airlines and are a great resource for a one stop comparison shop.

Do I need a passport/visa?
US citizens will need a valid passport to visit Greece, but no visa is required at this time. Passports will need to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.  Greece reserves the right to refuse entry if passports expire before the 6 month mark.

Nationals of all other countries should check travel requirements well in advance of their retreat.

What's with all the dogs?
Stray dogs roam the island and are numerous in towns like Oia.  The locals have set up feeding stations for them in and out of the shops, allow them to roam free and many take them in during the cooler winter months.  They are friendly, lovely animals and many shops have donation jars set out for their care.  Feel free to drop in a few Euros knowing that the pup you pet during lunch will get food throughout the winter.

What is the electrical currency/outlet in Santorini?
Greece utilizes a European style plug with two round blades and is at 220V.  Adapters and converters will be necessary if you are bringing any electrical items.

Is there internet access on property?
Send photos while lying by the pool over looking the caldera… yes, there is wi-fi on property.

Why can't I drink the water?
Santorini is a dry, desert environment.  All water on the island comes from the process of desalinization and what comes out of your bathroom faucet is not meant for drinking.  You can drink anything served to you and buy bottled water to have in your room during the week.

Do I need to bring my own mat, blocks, straps, etc?
Yes, please plan on bringing your own mat and any yoga accessories you use or want in your daily practice.

Do I need to book any of the optional activities ahead of time?
All of the activities can be booked when you arrive in Santorini.  The island is relaxed and walkable so it is easy to forget that sailing trips, snorkeling, ancient village tours and wine tours are available. 

What do I need to bring?
Think ‘Greece holiday’ with yoga clothes thrown in.  Santorini is a very international island with a mix of relaxed and fancy restaurants, bars and even a moderate club scene, so come prepared.  Your yoga mat and any accessories you use in your practice will also need to come with you.

Do I need to rent a car?
The streets are narrow and driving in Greece is a culture unto itself.  Vans will do transports to and from the airport (on arrival and departure days only) and tour operators will collect you from the hotel.  Leave the driving to the professionals and walk, ride or catch a cab.

What is the weather like that time of year?
May can be unpredictable but most days will be very warm, dry and pleasant. Rainstorms can occur so light clothing with a raincoat thrown in just in case. 


Claire Missingham Yoga The Travel Yogi



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Travel Guard Insurance

Deposits are non-refundable.  Travel insurance is recommended for this retreat.

Double Occupancy:


Single Occupancy:


Have questions? Please contact The Travel Yogi: or 562.335.8000


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