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Retreat Gallery

Welcome to The Travel Yogi’s past retreats. Enjoy the smiles, yoga and beautiful scenery. Find yourself or your future retreat and adventure spot!


The Manifestation® Retreat Costa Rica with Jen Pastiloff March 29-5, 2014

Jen's Manifestation® retreats are, by now, legendary. Shifts, life, love, yoga and beauty all rolled in a week... these are a small sneak peak at how.

180 Photos

Full Moon Magic with Elizabeth Rowan March 16-21, 2014

These yogis danced in the moonlight and made the most of each gorgeous Costa Rica moment. Full moon and full heart with Elizabeth :)

110 Photos

Passport To Prana with Jenniferlyn Chiemingo March 1-8, 2014

JL's retreat was more than a passport to Prana! With love, intension and crazy fun, JL's trips are way more than a 'retreat'.

158 Photos

Retreat Recalibrate Restore with Deborah Lee & Mia Togo Feb 28-4, 2014

These awesome ladies took their yogis through waterfalls and beaches and back. After a week of amazing food and yoga, you bet these yogis were recalibrated and restored!

15 Photos

Find Peace In Costa Rica with Vytas Baskauskas Feb 22-1, 2014

Vytas and crew soaked up the sun, sand and gorgeous yoga this Feb in Costa Rica.

18 Photos

Choose Joy Aruba with Rebecca Butler Feb 2-8, 2014

Everyone drank deeply from the Joy well on this Aruba escape. Rebecca and the yoga crew were smiles all around with laughs, awesome yoga and a marriage proposal :)

53 Photos

Skiasana Vermont with Maria Santoferraro Jan 15-19, 2014

We're not sure if these are ski bums or yoga bums but they did up both in proper style.

46 Photos

New Year's Yoga Celebration with Kathryn Budig Dec 28, 2013 - Jan 4, 2014

A yoga celebration to ring in the New Year with sunshine, Kathryn and Prana... nuttin' better!

49 Photos

Rest & Renew New Year's Queenstown with Kerri Kelly Dec 28, 2013 - Jan 4, 2014

We're not sure how much rest Kerri Kelly's yogis got this New Year's in Queenstown, but they certainly rung in 2014 in style.

36 Photos

Galapagos Adventure with Annie Carpenter Nov 2-9, 2013

Annie and her crew hit the islands running. Hiking, swimming, playing around tortoises and (occasionally in their shells!) soaking up the very best of these magical islands.

367 Photos

Thanksgiving Manifestation® Galapagos Retreat with Jen Pastiloff Nov 23-30, 2013

Manifesting love and beauty in one of the most beautiful places on Earth! Jen's visionary Manifestation® retreats are truly life-changing events.

76 Photos

Great Galapagos Getaway with JL Chiemingo Oct 19-26, 2013

These yogis whooped it up on the islands and supplied some of the most humorous and love filled photos we've seen yet!

529 Photos

Manifestation® Yoga & Writing Retreat Vermont with Jen Pastiloff & Emily Rapp Oct 2013

One of our favorite parts of seeing the photos after Jen and Emily's Vermont retreat? The uh-mazing photos, the emotion that pours from their yogis and getting a peak at the retreaters 5 Most Beautiful Things.

51 Photos

Bhakti Bliss Baja with Jennifer Jarrett Oct 2013

Jennifer Jarrett couldn't have titled this better. Our Baja yogis hit the beach, the town, the yoga studio and then got their "cute" on as they assisted in the release of the most adorable baby sea turtles ever!

72 Photos

Rock Om Aruba Oct 2013

Rock Om was no joke! Elizabeth and her yogis took this literally and hit the islands ready to run. From Jeep excursions and SUP to rockin' their swag on the beach, these yogis came to play...

23 Photos

Yoga & Archery Retreat with Kathryn Budig Oct 2013

Fall colors, archery, yoga, yoga with horses and the beauty of Vermont. Is there more??

159 Photos

Manifesting A Beautiful Life Santorini with Giselle Mari & Jen Prugh Sept 2013

Jivamukti and Vinyasa Flow activate! Tapping into the flow on Santorini and setting sail for adventure... these yogis did it all.

21 Photos

Primal Yoga® Maui Retreat with Liz Arch Sept 2013

Although the spirit of Ohana follows Liz on all retreats, it had special meaning on this retreat back to her home on the Hawaiian islands. This retreat group's awesome Aloha shined through...

15 Photos

Bask In Your Bliss Santorini with Dimitra Kotanides Sept 2013

There can be nothing better than seeing Greece with a Greek! Dimitra's retreaters had the special privilege of Dimitra's enthusiasm for yoga as well as for her Greek heritage. Opa!!

30 Photos

Mukti Yoga School Teacher Training Bali July-Aug 2013

The Mukti Yoga School Teacher Training 200hr and Graduate 500hr weeks in Bali created new yoga teachers as well as new friends and unbreakable yogi bonds.

63 Photos

Ashley Turner Ocean of Love Galapagos July 27-3, 2013

This summer's Galapagos adventure with Ashley Turner was an Ocean of Love indeed for our lucky yogis. Tortoise, sea lion and albatross kisses apply!

197 Photos

Holistic Yoga Flow Bali: Travis Eliot + Lauren Eckstrom June 2013

Monkeys, healing waters, Balinese coffee and more. Travis and Lauren packed in as much as they could during their yoga retreat week at Soulshine Bali.

246 Photos

Yoga & Meditation Santorini w Angel Lucia May 2013

We don't think we've ever seen a group of yogis have more fun! This crew rocked Santorini... the island will never be the same :)

62 Photos

Rhythms of Life Bali Retreat w Camden Hoch May 2013

Yoga-ing on the terraces and finding some bliss in the healing waters. These yogis cruised through Bali with hearts open!

12 Photos

Galapagos Flow Retreat w Maile Sivert April 2013

Maile and her yogis spent two weeks in paradise and are heading down again in 2014. These intrepid yogis can't be stopped and they are the first to catch a photo of an elusive pink flamingo!

48 Photos

Beach Bliss Aruba w Maria Santoferraro April 2013

When you're too Blissed out on the Beach to take too many photos :) Maria and her yogis loving some Aruba yoga!

6 Photos

Primal Yoga® Galapagos Retreat w Liz Arch March 2013

Galapagos Yoga retreats just keep getting better! Check out Liz Arch's amazing yogis soaking up the islands and meeting some finned locals :)

127 Photos

Blissful Evolution Galapagos w Elise Joan March 2013

The amazing Galapagos Islands welcomed the amazing Elise Joan and the results were ... yup, amazing :)

149 Photos

Manifestation Maui w Jen Pastiloff Feb 2013

Jen Pastiloff brings her unique and authentic voice to Maui and manifests beauty with another group of yogis.

68 Photos

Ride the Waves with Heidi Kristoffer Feb 2013

Heidi and these intrepid yogis hit the surf and beautiful black sand beach in El Salvador to Ride the Waves set down by Heidi in class and on the blue Pacific.

30 Photos

Tulum New Year's Retreat 2012

Kathryn Budig, a handful of alumni Travel Yogis and some new friends hit the white sand and clear waters of Tulum for a New Year's 2012-13 Yoga Celebration!

189 Photos

Manifestation Bali Nov 2012

Jen Pastiloff and 20 amazing yogis manifested their dream of a Thanksgiving retreat in Bali. Another triumphant Manifestation Retreat!

113 Photos

Santorini Yoga Adventure Sept 2013

Kathryn Budig and Tiffany Cruikshank and 37 intrepid yogis hit Santorini for a week of amazing caldera views and yoga.

121 Photos

Elise Gulan's Aruba Yogis April, 2012

White sand, blue water, yoga, SUP yoga (yup, you heard right) and cocktails. Elise's Aruba yogis retreat right!

61 Photos

Flying Leap Yogis, NZ March 2012 with Kathryn Budig

Flying Leap Yoga Adventure joke!! These yogis took 'flying leap', 'yoga' and 'adventure' seriously. Browse through our fun and join us on our next Queenstown adventure!

107 Photos

Shamanic Pilgrimage Peru March 2012

These yogis saluted the sun on Machu Picchu, relaxed in Chakra Gardens and absorbed the Sacred Valley. This Shamanic Pilgrimage created a new yoga family.

24 Photos

Jen Pastiloff Manifestation Retreat Jan '12

Through full moons, impromptu karaoke, dance parties and Jen P.'s special blend of love, manifestation and yoga, these Manifestation Yogis definitely lived it all.

92 Photos

New Year's 2011 Retreat w Kerri Kelly & Lauren Slater

It doesn't get much better than ringing in the New Year with health, friends and intention. Kerri and Lauren brought the group into 2012 with yoga, love and a little party ;)

56 Photos

Heidi Kristoffer Thanksgiving 'Flip Your Perspective' Retreat

Enjoy the photos of the happy yogis that got to flip themselves, their practice and their Thanksgiving holiday!

20 Photos

Chakra Vinyasa Retreat Belize Nov 15-20, 2011 w Julie Rader

Julie's retreat yogis bonded with their yoga and each other. Five days of yogic bliss in one of the most beautiful countries in South America.

11 Photos

Kathryn Budig Poses for Paws Mexico Retreat Nov 5-12, 2011

Yogis swam, relaxed, yoga-ed and played through 7 days of warm Mexican bliss on this Poses for Paws retreat with Kathryn Budig. An excellent cause and retreat for mind, body and soul.

9 Photos

Montana Yoga, Ski & Wine Retreat March 3-6, 2011

Cold outside, warm inside was certainly the feel on this Big Sky retreat! Our private lodge hosted a terrific group of yogis. Some of us skied, some got massages, some watched the snow fall. Thanks so much to the very gifted group that joined us up north and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

51 Photos